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Campaign and Historical Buttons

Campaign and Historical Buttons

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It’s 1976, you’ve got your Ford (Gerald, GOP presidential nominee), your peanut (Jimmy Carter, Democratic nominee), your Dole pineapple (Bob Dole, GOP veep nominee) and your Fritz (Walter Mondale, Dem veep nominee - as in Fritz the cat?)

RFK 1968

Lincoln for President

Button for Barry Goldwater, the Republican Party's nominee for president in 1964.

Kennedy Campaign Button

Harry Truman Campaign Button ~ 1948

Richard Nixon political campaign buttons from 1960 and 1962

Pooh for President Campaign Button - 1972

1976 Gerald Ford Campaign Button

Ronald Reagan 1980 Presidential Campaign Buttons

Margaret Chase Smith, Republican. A campaign button for the 1964 presidential campaign. The first woman to be nominated for president at a major political party convention, she received 27 votes at the Republican National Convention.

Theodore Roosevelt Campaign Button. Classic San Juan Hill image with TR saluting astride his horse with American flag waving in the background. *s*

Bobby Kennedy for President, 1968

Richard Nixon - Republican 1960 badge/ Iz that like flick your bic only different? Oh Tricky Dick your Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Tricky...

Bryan/Stevenson button, 1900 campaign

1976 Carter Mondale Bicentennial Logo

Though Ted Kennedy, at the time the Senate Majority Whip, was considered a favorite going into the 1972 presidential campaign season, he declined to seek the Democratic Party nomination.

Commander: George Bush Desert Storm campaign button from the 1992 US Presidential Election reads 'Lets re-elect our desert storm commander-in-chief'

Robert Kennedy - Democrat 1968


Thomas Dewey from 1948

Teddy Roosevelt button, 1904