tatouage cœur

Hands down the most intense oil rig tattoo ever seen. Oil Field trash proud This is awesome if it were pipeline instead! But love the pride

Sleeve Tattoo Ideas | ... : Half Sleeve Tattoos for Men - Edgy Half Sleeve Tattoo Design

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This is one of the most amazing tattoos ive seen. i just want to frame it and hang it on my wall!

Awesome Jack the Ripper and London light half sleeve tattoo by Pavel Roach.

very good

asian girl portrait tattoo, black and red by silvano fiato Bibliography: Kancheska, Iva. "Tattoo Interview with Silvano Fiato.

This is really cool. I'm not usually into wings, but these are perfectly placed.

I wanted wings since I was like 14 and the. I went and got an upper back tattoo which I love but totally ruined the dream! This is a cool idea. Maybe I'll scrap my sleeve plans and start again adding in wings somehow.

Viking tattoos by Peter Walrus Madsen (DK) - Imgur

Viking tattoos by Peter Walrus Madsen (DK)

"What kind of love would drive a man for miles through solid rocks?" - The Crimson Crow

Raven tattoo design is one of the best and popular tattoos which express your passion and great desire of flying. Raven tattoo design is suitable both for men a

Strepik Koi FishTemporary Tattoo Applied - #strepik #temporarytattoos #t4aw

Strepik Koi FishTemporary Tattoo Applied - looks like a cool pisces tattoo