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video blogs: i've recorded + made

video blogs: i've recorded + made

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Top 5 Tech Gifts for 2013 - KCTV5 Interview with Ramsey Mohsen

My interview from today. Everything you need to know about Apple's announcements today: (mostly)

KCTV5 asked me to come on the “It’s Your Morning” TV show to share my advice cheap tablets (below the 100 dollar price point). There are 3 things you need to be aware of when buying these cheap tablets (and no one usually tells you this stuff). Also in the interview- I shared my 3 favorite 200-bucks tablets that you should buy! (hint: the Nook nor the iPad Mini are on the list). Here’s the interview:

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is worthy of a look (especially if you’re in the market for a S3). The 5.5 inch screen is HUGE. However, for the right person- this might be the best all-in-1 phone. I shot a short video blog and share my thoughts why.

KCTV5 asked me to come on to share with Carolyn Long my “Top 3 Favorite Sports Apps” for Android and iPhone. Here is the interview and a hands-on demo of my top 3 apps:

I’ve compiled arguably the most perfect list- of 10 things you do online, that would never fly in real life. This is a public service announcement to ensure our online habits remain …online.

An on-site test at the Google Fiber Space in Kansas City, MO. This is an upload and download speed test of MBPS,

Google Fiber claims to be 100x faster than your average broadband connection. Rather than just do a speed test to show you geeky things like MBPS speed (which is still awesome), instead I did my own version of a speed test …i pulled up websites like Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Netflix to SHOW YOU just how responsive these websites are on Google Fiber.

My take on today's Google Fiber and TV announcement made in Kansas City today. Google Fiber promises starts with a connection speed 100 times faster than today's average broadband.

A behind the scenes tour of the Google Fiber Space in Kansas City (located in the Volker Square Center in Westport).

A quick interview with Jarrett Mellenbruch about a project for The Avenue of the Arts. This piece is called "Float" and it's made for the people of Kansas City to enjoy the lawn and outdoor green space! Check it out!

Pat, Cara, Blake and i have been jamming out with this gadget at the office- here is my short/sweet review of Beats By Dre beatbox portable! (we pair it to a laptop & fire up --> <-- :)

Ok you guys- I made it short and sweet, my video blog review on the new iPad! ==>

I wanted to MYTH BUST if the iPhone "4G" <-- does it really make your phone faster? Here's the test I ran:

AT&T gave me the new Samsung Rugby Smart to demo. It’s simple, basic, and WATERPROOF! (plus+ it’s shock resistant <– i had fun throwing the phone against the floor and the wall and it still worked!) This phone seems to be a great option for anyone who just wants a simple, tough and durable phone. And it’s only $99. Parents with kids could really find this phone appealing :)

AT&T gave me the new Samsung Galaxy Note to demo. IT'S HUGE! Watch the video to see just how it compares to the iPhone and the iPad. Is this a tablet? Or is this a phone?

  • Ramsey Mohsen
    Ramsey Mohsen

    Kendall West thanks! (i agree btw)

  • Kendall West
    Kendall West

    Too big for me, but nice job on the demo Ramsey. Great review.

  • Justin Gardner
    Justin Gardner

    That is way too big. And why doesn't it have the latest Android build? Very strange. And the pen tool is just dumb. Swype is so much easier and faster.

One of my clients is Timberland- and I absolutely love doing video work for them because they make such great products (and they didn’t pay me to write that hahaha ). A new product they have out is a boot called the Helcor Boot.

Behind the scenes at the American Royal, PRCA ProRodeo.

Luke IS SO FAST at solving a RUBIK'S CUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saying YO HI to iJustine at CES 2011!!!!!! (hugs were involved).

Video Tour: LIVESTRONG Sporting Park, the home of Sporting KC MLS Soccer.

How to make a "walking taco" (an Iowa tradition!)

Cirque du Soleil Alegria, "Behind the Scenes".

There are some hidden features in Gmail that you can turn-on that will save you hours of your life (if not days). I put together this instructional video blog to share with you my 5 favorite Gmail hacks and tips.

See what it was like at tryouts for Ochocinco (Chad Johnson) as he tries to make the MLS soccer team, Sporting KC (Kansas City).