skeleton key and heart lock tattoo design. want some sort of key and lock possibly half sleeve?


I absolutely adore flowers! The richer the color and more exotic the bloom.the Better! But exotic flowers can also be expensive. And unfortunately their beauty doesnt last very long. So if youre the more practical romantic type.


Loving the red circles under her eyes, upper arm/deltoid tattoo of sailor girl with red, red lips. "Bring me the horizon" // sailor/pinup with a gothic/zombie twist. very interesting tattoo.

sleeve - Tattoo #inked

Full Sleeve Tattoos are the best tattoos. Inking on full sleeve gives the option of to draw anything. It can be a big dragon, cluster of roses and stars, a big shark, few feathers in different colors.

pinup #tattoo

How very meta, a tattoo of a tattooed pin up girl. it's still a good looking bit of art, and the meta-ness does not detract from it's value by any means.


How to Henna Your Hair.an alternative to chemical hair dyes. LOVE her tattoos, btw.

eye tat

Xoil – Needles Side Tattoo

Tattoo art created by artist Xoïl at “Needles Side Tattoo Studio” in France - I need to go to a European country for a tattoo. Some of these artists are phenomenal! I love the new style of sophisticated abstract art