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101 things to do with your husband instead of watching tv. Me and Brandon desperately need to do some of these things. All we do is sit around and watch TV lol

I love this idea!

Prettiful Designs: 7 Ways in 7 Days to Knock the Socks Off Your Spouse. : Sweet Treat Sunday Massage Monday Touch Tuesday Woo Him/Her Wednesday Thank Him/Her Thursday Fun Activity Friday Sweet Nothings Saturday

cheering up gift for the hubby

Aw, very sweet idea to cheer up a friend. When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!

Exploding Love Box

Exploding Love Box Gift - An Easy DIY Craft Tutorial

Love this idea! Not wanting to just use a traditional store-bought card for the next big event? Create your own exploding love box and fill the flaps with pictures and personalized message!

Such a great idea!  A whole year of planned dates! AWESOME!

Hubby's Gift: A Year of Date Nights

great Christmas/birthday gift for your significant other: a year of planned dates. some fun and casual, some are romantic. what a wonderful idea! great Christmas/birthday gift for your significant other:…

at least my co-worker is hot :)

LOL I love being a parent, but still thought this was cute. And yes, my coworker is hot ;-) (he must be, how'd the kid's get here in the first place?

Bad day box, for when your spouse is having one of those days!  Filled with all his favorite things.

The "Bad Day" Box

DIY Bad Day Box: Husband had a bad day at work? Make a box full of the wonderful things he is, has done, and what you have together. Maybe add a little gift or candy in it each time?

75 ways to show love in your relationships

75 ways to show love in relationships: "Healthy relationships survive because BOTH partners keep trying. They know the secret–that love is a verb. Loving your spouse means taking action to help keep love (the feeling) alive and flourishing.

Golfing date with breakfast and snacks!  Can't wait to do this!

Breakfast & A Bucket of Balls Golf Date

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