I like these wash tubs as planters. What a neat garden display.

container gardening ideas :: Donna Dixson's clipboard on Hometalk


If you live in a modest home, chances are your front yard is a modest size as well. (Although we fully recognize that everyone’s idea of “modest” when it c

Curb Appeal: 20 Modest yet Gorgeous Front Yards


Boxwoods This deer resistant evergreen shrub works well in landscape plantings, mass planltings, hedges, formal gardens, and as a border. Boxwoods are slow growing but can get 3ft to 5ft tall and up to 3ft to 4ft wide. Plant in full sun to full shade. Hardiness zones 4 to 9.

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Driven By Décor: Galvanized Metal Tubs, Buckets, & Pails as Planters

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Fill cinder blocks with a creeping ground cover like thyme which smells so good when walked on. landscape

Garden Stuffs!


This arbor with vines would be a great way to add depth and visual interest to a plain wall on side yard.

Unfinished, Undone, (yet somehow not) coming Unglued


Plant in the FALL for SPRING blooms! Sandwich Bulbs for Six Weeks of Blooms

Plant Bulbs Now, Enjoy Flowers Later


How to convert old chairs into a new bench

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Put 2 pallets together and stepping stones on top. Makes a great outdoor bar.

leuk als afscheiding Door avanderzee


container gardening

How to choose the best flower container for your home | Boston Design Guide


Simple Steps to Grow a Hundred Pounds of Potatoes in a Barrel

Gardening Tips and Tricks


a little bit o' Shizzle: Easy Garden Chair Planter http://alittlebitoshizzle.blogspot.com/2012/06/easy-garden-chair-planter.html

a little bit o' Shizzle: Easy Garden Chair Planter


Turn old chairs into beautiful flower beds and planters♥(¯`╰⊰✿´ ╰⊰✿´╰⊰✿´╰⊰✿´╰⊰✿´╰⊰✿´♥(¯`╰⊰✿´♥(¯`╰⊰✿´ ╰⊰✿´╰⊰✿´╰⊰✿´╰⊰✿´╰⊰✿´♥(¯`╰⊰✿´

Turn old chairs into beautiful flower beds and planters


DIY Garden Mushroom - Made with terra cotta pots and drain trays.

DIY Garden ­Mushrooms | Backyard Projects - Birds & Blooms


A guide to hardy plants for multiple zones with tips and ideas for a successful perennial garden. by @O N Sutton Place

Hardy Plants ~ The DIY Gardener's Guide - On Sutton Place


Primrose. Perennial for shady sites, doubles yearly. Maybe in front of Office windows

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suncatcher sapphire petunia

My odd pot has been a lot of fun (07-06-2006)


Spikes, pink geranium, lantana, violet and magenta petunias, sweet potato vine

Spikes, pink geranium, lantana, violet and magenta petunias, sweet potato vine - Flowers And Gardens


Tips for what paints to use for painting outdoor furniture, garden pots, rusted metal and accessories. The Creativity Exchange

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Farmhouse Renovation by Historical Concepts (I LOVE being able to see from the front of the house all the way to the back!!)

Farmhouse Renovation by Historical Concepts


Coleus container - dog and cat repellent

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Shade garden beds with red/burgundy from Coleus & green from Hosta & Potato Vine

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Shade gardening/Love the variegated plant against the colorful impatiens.

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Ladder Planter

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Cute idea ~ Paint wooden planks and a ladder and set up as a little garden/deck decor

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