Randall Vipperman

Randall Vipperman

Randall Vipperman
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Depression. #Psychological #Disorders #hawaiirehab www.hawaiiislandrecovery.com

how I feel when depression rolls back around.I just wanna go to sleep and never wake up. The sad thing is that usually I can't sleep tho.

sexy funny pictures

I wanna talk with you about God. ^^The original comment is what made me laugh so hard. silly little monkey.


I'd tape up a picture of an angry sour patch kid on the wall with the duct tape. Then put a picture of the sweet sour patch kid in the cupboard with the toilet paper.

Awe the adorable dog an wanting to dance...sums me up!

Often the need to dance is greater than anything. Scruffy the dog needs to dance and nothing will stop him! A funny picture of a dog dancing.

Ha ha silly except Torts are really fast and eff they hurt when they bite!!

Funny pictures about You messed with the wrong tortoise. Oh, and cool pics about You messed with the wrong tortoise. Also, You messed with the wrong tortoise photos.