12 Holiday Hairstyles

12 Holiday Hairstyles: She has so many awesome tutorials! holiday hairstyles, christmas hairstyles, new years hairstyles, christmas braids, christmas updo


brown to blonde ombre hair; ombre available naturally by wearing hat over roots (see link)

this is gorgeous!

Ok now I want a braidhawk! -- Hair Romance - 30 braids 30 days - 1 - the braidhawk

Game of Thrones Braids

Game of Thrones Braid Tutorial. Nobody wears braids quite like the lovely ladies of Game of Thrones. You don’t have to stop at just one braid! Play with the look by adding as many as you’d like!


Love, love retro pinup/rockabilly hair styles and makeup. I can get the makeup down but never the hair :( - Make-up