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Nail polish wall shelves. Three 1"x3"x8's. Two of them cut in half, one of them cut into half with one of the halves then cut into half again. One 2' x 4' hardiboard for the backing. Gorilla glue & wood screws, then primer & spray paint. <3

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This week I made a plush inspired by Finn the Human on Adventure Time. He took about 12 hours total to sew & is constructed from new polyester fleece, polyfil, and his arms have internal 20 gauge wire armature. His fingers are individually poseable so he is can hold a sword, or hang from the ceiling fan. He is 49 inches tall from foot to awesome hat, and has an arm span of 50 inches. He enjoys adventuring with his best friend Jake and hopes that Princess Bubblegum will accompany him to date…

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Finished Jake with bean bag arms and legs

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Plush Jake from Adventure Time Work in progress

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