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Hansi Topp-Primeln

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Hansi Topp-Primeln
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Pictures that look good enough to eat: Photographer recreates portraits by 16th Century painter with fruit and vegetables

New York based photographer Klaus Enrique Gerdes has recreated images by Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo who created real-life portraits in the Century using fruit, vegetables, meat and flowers.

freakyfauna: The gates of the Francesco Pallozzi stadium in Sulmona, Italy.Designed by Ulderico Conti during the fascist regime in the

Street Eraser: Giant Stickers Appear to Erase the Streets of London with Photoshop street art stickers photoshop London erasers

Guus Ter Beek and Tayfun Sarier are two creative guys who love merging the digital world with the analogue. And they recently had the idea of erasing parts of London with a 'real life' Photoshop Eraser.

LOVE this picture.

Arab man living in Europe and working as a doctor. Men in my life include Gibran, Kafka and Proust. Other interests are art, beards and strong male hands.

Both sleeves of a Pointillism tattoo by Nazareno Tubaro. This is a beautiful two sleeve tattoo design by Nazareno Tubaro. Most of his work is based on organic patterns that are inked in dots or lines.

Not Art by Warsheh | iGNANT.de

“Not Art” Project – Historical Paintings vs. Hipster Illustrations by Warsheh. Not Art Project is a collaboration between Jordanian Mothanna Hussein &