Remembrance Day

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a child's hand holding a piece of paper with the words chalk pastel poppies
Chalk Pastel Poppies Inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe
step by step instructions on how to make paper poppies for valentine's day
how to draw poppies for kids with pictures and text on the bottom right corner
some red and black flowers are on a cutting board with a ruler next to it
Poppies mixed media collage. Art lesson.
the process to make a paper flower is shown with scissors and glue on red paper
Poppies art
a box filled with black and red painted rocks covered in poppies on top of each other
some rocks with flowers painted on them next to a plaque that says the one above it
ANZAC Poppies — Kotare Blog 2017
an instagram photo with flowers on it and the words happy birthday written in black
four pictures of hands holding red poppies with the words leon written in black on them
What does Peace feel like?