Irina Charny

March 2012 - Ceramics and Pottery Arts and Resources


Tropical Iceburg

Golden Mandala Mosaic



Funky mosaics LOVE

really nice color combos

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Mosaic terracotta pot with river rock, stained glass, travertine tiles, and glass gems


Love Grows - Minerva Mosaics

Minerva Mosaics Gallery

bowling ball gazing ball!

Bowling Ball Gallery

Clockworks Mosaic

Maritsa (megmette)

Creative library tiling in a bathroom

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There's Something Free Inside of Me by Susan Crocenzi

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Chat (French for Cat) by Barb Keith

Photo Sharing!

What a Glorious Day! by cbmosaics - Christine Brallier, via Flickr

What a Glorious Day!

rose guitar - beautiful

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Don't throw away your old ceramic tiles

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Frog on a rock!

. Обсуждение на LiveInternet - Российский Сервис Онлайн-Дневников

Seahorse outdoor shower

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Coffee cup mosaic. painted with coffee. True Arts of Angela & Andy Sarkela Saur

Caffè Carbonelli | Coffee Art® Andy e Angel Sarkela Saur

mosaic chair

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Mosaic table

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Mosaic Art Handmade Ceramic Tile Spring by HouseofWhisperingFir. Gorgeous!

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bottle -vase

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Mosaic guitar. Made with beautiful hand painted art glass, stained glass, freshwater pearls, Carrolton glass tiles, iridium glass tile, glass beads, mirrored glass, pebbles, glass cabochons, vitreous glass tile, and iridescent glass beads. I added a painted metal flower design with a vintage watch face to give it whimsy. The turn pegs are made from copper patined soldering wire. mosaics

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