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Perfectly said.


Creepy because I have a guy friend. And we had a very similar conversation to this statement last night. If there is such a thing as soulmates, I think we're it... Eerie yet comforting, all at the same time.

For you SP! You know why! For the party, it is required that you dress up as a character from your favorite book. Books include: Novels, short stories, children's books, and play/musical scripts. Mangas and Comic Books are not allowed. Also, you are required to bring a copy of the book that you are pulling a character from. Don't worry, you'll get it back.


Patience is the calm acceptance that things can happen in a different order than the one you have in mind.

The Hands-On Teacher: Top TEN for 2013 and a TpT $$$ Giveaway!

Hemingway's wise words

miss my best friend

Text Your Ex Back Info

How can a two letter word be so hard to say sometimes??

Free Printable: Helpful Ways To Say…NO

Disney quotes

This can only come from the love of our Father either from our Father or by the power of Him through others our Father sends to us


So me!

Que es una ilusión Optica ? Sorprendente

How much time do you spend worrying about what someone else's opinion is of you? How many choices have you made as a result of their opinions, only to find out the choice that you made was not in the best interest of self? Don't worry about the sheep in your life, they provide you with the energy to live your life. If you put your courage, knowledge, strength, worth, esteem, skills, up against the sheep, I'm thinking that there would be no contest! YOU WIN!!!! Every time!

You have my whole heart || wood sign by Aimee Weaver Designs

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In this house...

I'm done. I give up..... Night...

Bits of Truth... all quotes: .03137

So very true

When I work with my personal clients, my first objective is to help these women accept themselves as they are RIGHT NOW. Then I use clothes to help them find their personal best. Don't miss my FREE online class this Sunday ... "A Stylist's Secrets on How to Flatter ALL Body Shapes and Sizes" Click the image to sign up... did I mention there's no cost?

i will never understand how people can be so cruel & do things to purposely hurt someone. is that how you would like to be treated my dear?

Never be bullied into silence. Bullying quote by Tim Fields.So very true in so many ways in my life,when you stop it then things are so much better.They only talk bad about you cause they have nothing good to say about themselves...I teach my kids that bullies are nothing except insecure.

"We loved you before we knew you..." This was our miracle baby

" I am so clever that sometimes i dont understand a single word I am saying." Oscar Wilde

KIndness is the language which the deaf can heare and the blind can see. - Mark Twain #Quotation #Kindness #Mark_Twain #Inspiration