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Ultra Creamy Hemp Salad Dressing (nut-free, oil-free) plus a Delicata Squash Salad recipe! Vegan, gluten-free, grain-free

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Grilled Zucchini Caprese | Little Broken

Apple Fritters

Apple Fritters -

Buttermilk-Blueberry Breakfast Cake

Buttermilk-Blueberry Breakfast Cake

A crispy Vietnamese crepe piled to the brim with healthy, fresh toppings like sautéed onions and mushrooms, crunchy bean sprouts and fragrant herbs. Topped with a sweet and spicy soy dressing. Fun and healthy! Vegan & Gluten Free.

Crispy Vietnamese Crepes (Bahn Xeo)

Naan - 4 eggs, 1/4 cup coconut oil, 1/2 cup coconut flour, 1/4 tsp baking powder, 2/3 to 1/2 cup coconut milk or water, 2 pinches salt, mix, cook on skillet

Naan | fastPaleo Primal and Paleo Diet Recipes

oyster mushroom po' boy

Oyster Mushroom Po' Boy - Chow Vegan

Chickpea Tortillas (using garbanzo bean flour). Just flax seed, garbanzo bean flour, water and seasonings!

15 of the Best Gluten Free Chickpea Flour Recipes

I’ve been meaning to post this for several days, but I’m having Internet issues…as in, I don’t have Internet in my apartment yet (Friday!). I guess I didn’t realize how very connected I was until I had to get up and go somewhere that has free wifi. At any rate, it hasn’t been bad. I’ve [...]

Coconut Flour Bread {Great as Toast, for Sandwiches, and as Crackers!}...gluten free, grain free, dairy free, low carb -

popcorn mushrooms with fried basil

Popcorn Mushrooms with Fried Basil | Not Eating Out in New York

The Chubby Vegetarian: Vegan Breakfast Sausage. This vegan sausage is the best! Everyone in my family loves it even the meat eaters. In an unusual twist, I actually make this recipe exactly as it is described and I would not change a thing! Oh yes, I did change something. The second time I made this I left out the cloves as they seemed a bit overpowering. They were fantastic without them.

The Chubby Vegetarian: Vegan Breakfast Sausage

Chickpea Flour Tortillas - A delicious and versatile grain free alternative to tortillas

Wholy Health – Eat whole. Be whole

How to Make Water Kefir Soda

Water Kefir Recipe | Wellness Mama

The "V" Word | It’s Here! Introducing V-Meat, The “V” Word’s Gluten-Free Answer to Seitan |

It’s Here! Introducing V-Meat, The “V” Word’s Gluten-Free Answer to Seitan

Burmese Chickpea Tofu recipe {vegan + dairy free + gluten free}

Soba Miso Soup with Chickpea Tofu {vegan} | Delicious Everyday

Soba Miso Soup with Chickpea Tofu recipe - vegan |

Soba Miso Soup with Chickpea Tofu {vegan} | Delicious Everyday

Popular dairy products — yogurt, milk, soft cheeses and kefir — are the most recognized sources of probiotics, but that isn’t at all to say that there aren’t plenty of vegan options. Check out this list for some great plant-based probiotic options!

10 Easy Ways to Get Probiotics on a Plant-based Diet

Homemade Vegan Kimchi

Sweet potatoes might actually be my favorite ingredient. They’re incredibly versatile, naturally sweet, loaded with nutrients and fiber, and low in calories. Really, what’s not to love? Whether per…

Sweet Potato Crust is a Must

Crispy Salmon | Seafood Recipe

I always get questions about how to make gluten-free seitan. When Herbies ask how to replace the vital wheat gluten, my go-to recommendation is OrgraN’s Gluten-Substitute. I can't tell you how many emails I've received saying this product has changed their life!Recently, Josh posted his own gluten-free seitan recipe in one of the comment sections, so I asked if I could share it on the blog.Not only does his recipe include how to make a chicken style seitan loaf, but also sweet potato dumplin...

How To Make Gluten-Free Seitan


Vegan Popeyes Bonafide Chicken (Vegetarian) | The Edgy Veg

Whole Foods Market Granola Bar Knock Off Recipe via @SparkPeople

Whole Foods Market Granola Bar Knock Off Recipe

A SO healthy salad, in just 4 ingredients!

This 4-Ingredient Salad Is A No-Brainer

California Avocado & Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad w/ Honey-Ginger Vinaigrette -

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