Beef with Broccoli: Easy marinade is all that it takes to get that crazy-tender beef, even with less expensive cuts. | Rainy Day Gal

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Coconut is one of my most favorite flavors. I love it in a pie, a cookie, savory dishes and now a Coconut Margarita. This light fluffy delicious drink is a must! Doesn’t it make you want to grab a spoon and dig in?

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German Maultaschen Recipe: Authentic Schwabian Recipe Maultaschen is a German Schwabian (Baden-Württemberg) speciality. They consist of an outer pocket of noodle dough and a filling made of gound meat and spinach. You will sometimes find people calling them Schwabian pockets; they are also similar to a meat filled ravioli.

Beef, Wild Rice and White Bean Soup - "Stick to your ribs" delicious soup which will last a few days and is wonderful to freeze.

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