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Actual Pix from Venue; for reference

So here are pictures of the venue; I set it up so you guys have a feel of the wedding space and pin more pictures up on the deco board that would make the wedding grove/barn shine.

Actual Pix from Venue; for reference

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The Anarchist Cookbook - Rotten Tomatoes

This just happened 2 weeks ago...

I want him!

To ease another's heartache, is to forget one's own. Abraham Lincoln

paella party

Inside Barn; where the cake and dancing will take place. They will set up cocktail tables for people have drinks (bar inside barn)

  • Pam Hogeweide
    Pam Hogeweide

    do you know if the lights are always there or do you provide your own?

Outside of barn

Wedding Grove

  • Raseny

    cloth on tree per Amy

Reception area Octagonal Barn

  • Emily Weiss
    Emily Weiss

    So beautiful. Will you be doing outside tables in September?

  • Raseny

    yes outside tables :-)

Wedding Grove, where ceremony will take place.

  • Emily Weiss
    Emily Weiss

    I'm in love! What a lush location.

  • Megan Kenobbie
    Megan Kenobbie

    its beautiful Raseny!!!