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Rasmus Buchmann

Rasmus Buchmann
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This poster, focuses more on the affects of alcohol on the brain, and how it can cause serious affects on the roads. The joystick shows the maze of gear changes and how much alcohol affects the brain. The brain is also the shape of the gearbox.


Mental health shouldn't be a taboo or an issue. Adverts like these can help it on the way not to be. The design creates a discreet, hidden look, this works well for the subject matter.


Heinz Tomato Ketchup This ad shows the need to satisfy curiosity. It shows this by having the ketchup bottle look like slices of tomatoes. Which satisfies the curiosity that it is made with real tomatoes.

interesting example of dominance..

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Her (2013) ~ Minimal Movie Poster by Ahmet Can #amusementphile

Her ~ Minimal Movie Poster by Ahmet Can Note: This poster shows that the character is heartbroken and he needs someone in his life to fill the other half. The heart needs that missing chip to fall deep in love.