Roberta Gennaci-Attalla

Roberta Gennaci-Attalla

To the world, you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.
Roberta Gennaci-Attalla
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Aaaah ça fait du bien

oh, how this picture touches my I remember my two little ones taking this same precious pose when I would trickle warm water on them at bath time.then they would laugh their sweet baby laugh. Memories, warm, lovely, and beautiful!

"Train yourself to be in awe of the subtle, and you will live in a world of beauty and ease." ~Rodney Yee ‪

There are many types of yoga for seniors to choose from. The beauty of yoga is we adapt it to our own health and abilities or situation.Yoga is beneficial.

She was a long cool woman in a black dress, just a 5'9" beautiful tall.  With just one look I was a bad men, cause the long cool woman had it all, had it all.

Selective Visibility - a very straightforward presentation of selected visibility, presented with a spotlight.