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a black and white photo with the words'wasser schmeck am besten,
How true
an orange and white sticker with the words prove it 300km on it
a dirt road in the middle of some trees
19.1.14 - Wimpassing
Dieter's Radtouren: 19.1.14 - Wimpassing
a mountain bike parked on a wooden deck
13.1.14 - Seibersdorf
Dieter's Radtouren: 13.1.14 - Seibersdorf
an advertisement for bicycle things in german with the image of a man's face
Bicycle Things 2/14
Dieter's Radtouren: Bicycle Things 2/14
a bike is parked in the woods near a tree trunk and some grass with no leaves on it
11.1.14 - Brodersdorf
a bike parked next to a tree on a dirt road
Dieter's Radtouren
Dieter's Radtouren
a bike parked in the middle of a field
30.12.13 - Wasenbruck
Dieter's Radtouren: 30.12.13 - Wasenbruck
a bike leaning against a tree in the grass
21.12.13 - Seibersdorf
Dieter's Radtouren: 21.12.13 - Seibersdorf
a bike leaning against a tree on the side of a dirt road next to a field
15.12.13 - Seibersdorf
Dieter's Radtouren: 15.12.13 - Seibersdorf
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a bicycle parked on the side of a wooden bench next to a tree and fence
11.12.13 - Brodersdorf
Dieter's Radtouren: 11.12.13 - Brodersdorf
the cover of bicycle things magazine, with an image of a man's head
Mein neues Radmagazin
Dieter's Radtouren: Mein neues Radmagazin
an image of a computer screen with numbers and symbols on the screenshote area
Training in Woche 49/2013
Dieter's Radtouren: Training in Woche 49/2013
a dirt road surrounded by trees and bushes
3.12.13 - Brodersdorf
Dieter's Radtouren: 3.12.13 - Brodersdorf
an empty field with trees in the background
2.12.13 - Reisenberg
Dieter's Radtouren: 2.12.13 - Reisenberg
there is a computer and printer on the desk
25.11.13 - Daum: Paris
Dieter's Radtouren: 25.11.13 - Daum: Paris
an image of a weather station on the computer screen, with different times and hours
24.11.13 - Daum: Singapur
Dieter's Radtouren: 24.11.13 - Daum: Singapur
three people riding bikes down a dirt road
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a bike leaning against a tree next to a river
16.11.13 - Seibersdorf
Dieter's Radtouren: 16.11.13 - Seibersdorf
a bicycle is parked in the woods surrounded by leaves
14.11.13 - Brodersdorf
Dieter's Radtouren: 14.11.13 - Brodersdorf
the different types of surfboards are shown in this graphic diagram, which shows how each type of board should be used for surfing
Strava-Challenges 2013
Dieter's Radtouren: Strava-Challenges 2013
an image of the earth's climate zones
Activity Wheel Oktober 2013
Dieter's Radtouren: Activity Wheel Oktober 2013
an image of a computer screen with a map and other items on it, including gps data
5.11.13 - Daum: Kraftalm
Dieter's Radtouren: 5.11.13 - Daum: Kraftalm
an image of a map that is on the computer screen and it shows different locations
4.11.13 - Daum: Lindkogel
Dieter's Radtouren: 4.11.13 - Daum: Lindkogel
a bike parked on the side of a leaf covered road in the woods with trees
2.11.13 - Zweimal übers Leithagebirge
Dieter's Radtouren: 2.11.13 - Zweimal übers Leithagebirge
a bike parked on the side of a road next to a body of water with trees in the background
1.11.13 - Bad Sauerbrunn
Dieter's Radtouren: 1.11.13 - Bad Sauerbrunn
an image of a screen shot of the weather
Dieter's Radtouren
Dieter's Radtouren
an info sheet with several different types of logos
Drei Strava-Challenges im November
Dieter's Radtouren: Drei Strava-Challenges im November
two bikes parked on the side of a bridge in the woods near a stream and trees
31.10.13 - Neufeldersee
Dieter's Radtouren: 31.10.13 - Neufeldersee
an image of a map with different lines on it and the city in the background
30.10.13 - Daum: Melbourne
Dieter's Radtouren: 30.10.13 - Daum: Melbourne
a vineyard with lots of trees in the background and green grass on the ground below
28.10.13 - Reisenberg
Dieter's Radtouren: 28.10.13 - Reisenberg
the front end of a bicycle that is sitting in the grass near some rocks and dirt
Dieter's Radtouren: 26.10.13 - Wr.Neustadt - Wien.
three different types of thermometers are labeled in red, pink and black
500 km-Badge bei "Turn Up the Heat"
Dieter's Radtouren: 500 km-Badge bei "Turn Up the Heat"
a dirt road surrounded by trees and bushes
22.10.13 Brodersdorf
Dieter's Radtouren: 22.10.13 Brodersdorf
rows of trees with orange and yellow leaves in the foreground, on a sunny day
21.10.13 - Carnuntum - Neusiedlersee
Dieter's Radtouren: 21.10.13 - Carnuntum - Neusiedlersee
a dirt road in the middle of a forest
20.10.13 - Geissbühelstrecke
Dieter's Radtouren: 20.10.13 - Geissbühelstrecke
there is a bike parked next to the water in the park with fallen leaves on the ground
19.10.13 - Reisenberg
Dieter's Radtouren: 19.10.13 - Reisenberg
a dirt road surrounded by trees and bushes
17.10.13 - Mannersdorf
Dieter's Radtouren: 17.10.13 - Mannersdorf
an older man wearing a green cycling suit standing in front of some bushes and trees
Speedvagen-Raddress von Castelli erhalten
Dieter's Radtouren: Speedvagen-Raddress von Castelli erhalten
a green and white street sign sitting on top of a wooden pole in front of trees
15.10.13 - Geissbühelstrecke
Dieter's Radtouren: 15.10.13 - Geissbühelstrecke
a bike is parked next to a tree
14.10.13 - Pellendorf
Dieter's Radtouren: 14.10.13 - Pellendorf
a river running through a lush green park
13.10.13 - Neufeldersee
Dieter's Radtouren: 13.10.13 - Neufeldersee
three trees with yellow leaves and blue sky in the background
12.10.13 - Wimpassing
Dieter's Radtouren: 12.10.13 - Wimpassing
the app is showing how many people can use it
50%-Badge bei der Eddy Merckx Challenge
Dieter's Radtouren: 50%-Badge bei der Eddy Merckx Challenge
there is a bike that is on the bridge over the water and trees in the background
10.10.13 - Pottendorf
Dieter's Radtouren: 10.10.13 - Pottendorf
a dirt road in the middle of a field with trees and bushes on both sides
9.10.13 - Mannersdorf
Dieter's Radtouren: 9.10.13 - Mannersdorf
the shadow of a person standing in an open field on a foggy, sunny day
8.10.13 - Rauchenwarth
Dieter's Radtouren: 8.10.13 - Rauchenwarth
an old wooden sign hanging off the side of a pole
3.10.13 - Sollenau
Dieter's Radtouren: 3.10.13 - Sollenau
a bike is parked next to some trees by the water
1.10.13 - Reisenberg
Dieter's Radtouren: 1.10.13 - Reisenberg
an old yellow building with a clock tower
29.9.13 . Seibersdorf
Dieter's Radtouren: 29.9.13 . Seibersdorf