couronne de bienvenue

D.I.Y. Winter Wreath Roundup

Warm and cozy snowball wreath made from yarn for front door decoration. Winter and Christmas wreath. Wrap yarn around styrofoam or balls of newsprint.

petit paysage sous la neige

I just love this little vignette wreath idea! Driftwood, wire, little flat houses and paper stars. landscapes whitewashed to hang.

Bouteilles de verre peintes de flocons, étoiles et feuilles de houx en blanc / Glass bottles painted by flakes, stars and leaves of holly in white

Des bouteilles peintes de flocons de neige

Glass bottles painted with snowflakes, stars . Nice for on the x-mas table!

suspensions : blanc et nature

Christmas --- If you don't have room for a big tree, what a great idea this is. Hang a pole or tension rod and suspend your ornaments from it. Good idea for my TV room window.