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Stunning Book Cover Art

Not just book covers, but all the art that captures the soul of a book.

Oh, love this SO much. Such contrast. Such drama. Such detail.

Pinning this one just so I can refer back to it. I don't care for the author name treatment, but the rest is stunning.

Another movie poster that would make a stunning book cover.

Not the most readable text ever, but still a lovely cover, dark and magical.

This would make some gorgeous science fiction cover art.

Again, sometimes movie posters make use of the same principles that create arresting cover art. The text would have to have more impact, of course.

I love the hell out of this cover. It's one of those that I am so jealous over. ♥

Stunning - not the type of thing that I could ever do effectively, so I really admire people who can work with this freedom.

I'm not a fan of "big face covers" but this one is striking. Great model! The text needs a lot of work, as much of it is unreadable.

I recently began reading these books, and I'm in love with the cover art. In awe might be a better way of describing it. :)

I love this image, the colours, and the scrollwork behind the title. Lovely.,

Love/hate. Love the title text. Love the illustration, except for the gloved hand. Stunning eyes. The white background areas bug me a bit - the sandy colour there would have been better. Like I said, a love/hate. :)

I love the figure silhouetted against the shaft of light, the painterly gorgeousness of it. The cropped-down cover that they actually went with has so much less impact as an image - shame.

Not a book cover, but still a really striking example of design. Title would need to be more prominent, of course.

This is gorgeous! Such a stunning cover in every way.

The only thing that I would change is to make the title more readable - I don't think it would be in thumbnail.

Bright, punchy detail without being cluttered - love it.

I absolutely love the cover art on this book - simply perfect.

Such gorgeous textures, good use of shadow and light - I adore this!

Gorgeous implementation! I don't like the title text effects (gradient/dark glow effect) but if this had a lighter treatment it would be perfect.

It's a day for strong central images and covers with impact! I love this.