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Pins I've done!

Pins I've done!

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World’s Best Lasagna.....this was my first attempt at homemade lasagna and it was SOOOO good!!!!!

How To World’s Best Lasagna

**This was INCREDIBLE!! Made this last night. Super easy and SOOOO yummy. I used 1 and 1/2 pks of oreos so I could have a little thicker of a crust on the bottom....Oreos, cream cheese, powdered sugar, chocolate pudding, and cool baking!

COOL WHIP COOKIES- 1 box cake mix (any flavor.), 1 tub Cool Whip (8 oz), 1 egg. Mix ingredients. Drop spoonfuls into powdered sugar to coat. Bake at 350 for 12 mins. Cool before removing....These were amazing!!! Beat the coolwhip and egg together then add the cake mix. Batter is THICK and sticky but try your best to flop little balls into powdered sugar then put on cookie sheet. I needed to cook each batch for around 13min. We did lemon and strawberry cake mix-both were great!

Rolo Stuffed Ritz Crackers....Did this! yum! also dipped them 1/2 way in melted chocolate. Only cook them for about 4min though and watch them closely-they burn quickly (the ritz)!

Christmas Crunch...just made this, SOOO yummy! Few changes: 1c cheerios, 1 c rice chex, 2 c cap'n crunch, 1.5 c pretzels, 1.5 c peanuts, 1c m, 1 c choc. chips...upped the amt of almond bark a few oz as well....SOOO good

corn free alternatives to corn syrup in recipes

allergy free biscuits. One of my allergy kiddos and ALL the rest of my kiddos LOOOOOVE these biscuits!!! I can see adding a bit more sugar and making them into a shortcake, or using the biscuits for allergy free 'biscuits and gravy'. I am going to try to do it in more a sandwich bread shape as well. So glad we found a good allergen free biscuit recipe!!

How to cook boneless skinless chicken breasts on the stove. I did it this way and they turned out SO moist! Mine needed to cook 3-4 minutes longer then the recommended amt though

'Crash hot potatoes'...made these tonight but didnt have any of the herbs so I just used garlic salt and onion powder. Everyone loved them except my younger two and I thought they were just 'meh'. I think I need to mash them thinner next time and try it with rosemary! I will make these again for sure though

Two Timin' Pasta-made this tonight-WOW!! I used the Classico 'sun dried tomato alfredo' instead of the marinara/alfredo mix and added grilled chicken and garlic salt as well. this one is a KEEPER!!

Best onion rings EVER! Make sure to let your batter sit for a bit (I did it for 30 min before dipping my onions in)

Slow Cooker Honey Sesame Chicken Recipe. My 2nd daughter and I really loved this, no one else cared much for it

3 minute oatmeal raisin MICROWAVE cookie...I thought the texture was WEIRD but my kiddos LOVED it. Substitutions I made: used baby food pears instead of the egg whites and used allergy free chocolate chips instead of raisins. Flavor is good but like I said, WEIRD texture, BUT if they like it, I'm sure I'll be making it again =)

The 3-Minute Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

Made this 'Crack bread' tonight and Savannah and I LOOOVED it! (Rob wasnt here, and the other 2 non-allergy kiddos werent terribly fond of it-but they're pretty picky) was SOOO yummy...I think we'll try a pepperoni/mozzarella/garlic butter combo next time!!

Got this recipe from a good friend quite a few years back and its a favorite!

quinoa salad w/ black beans and cumin lime dressing. I LOVED this-my kiddos did not...I didnt use avacado because I didnt have any...will only use 1/2 a juiced lime next time (whole was a bit much)...I also upped the cumin amount a wee bit and added garlic salt to the whole mix after it was done. This was AMAZING with tortilla chips. Will definitely make this again! At least for me =)

  • Anna Perran
    Anna Perran

    This would also be amazing with raw corn in it....and maybe spinach...the possibilities are endless!!! =)

gluten free, egg free, dairy free, soy free macaroni and cheese....did this tonight using elbow allergy kiddos didnt like it, but 2 of my NON-allergy kiddos did. Go figure. I thought it was good, but not GREAT

allergy free taco seasoning! This was SOOO good. Daughter cant have beef so I did it with ground turkey. I'll be using this mix for our regular mexican dishes too-so good!! Left out the paprika and did BARELY any cayenne pepper instead of the the crushed red pepper flakes

Ham and Cheese Sliders: made these tonight and I am the only one who SORTA liked them, the girls would barely take a bite and hubby didnt like them either =( the mustard and onions was way overpowering and we didnt care for the swiss cheese. A good base to work with though, may try it again with different cheese and sauce....suggestions??

Used about 3/4# of strawberries and 2 really ripe bananas (both frozen and allowed to thaw for about 20min, and about 1/4c coconut milk and 1/2t vanilla extract. Kids liked it, 2 kiddos said it was the BEST thing they've ever eaten =)

No Bake allergen free granola bars! I added chocolate chips in with the oats and rice krispies and used Spectrum shortening instead of butter...the choc. chips melted when I poured the 'sauce' over the dry stuff which made these more like chocolate chocolate chip granola bars but oh my YUM!!! EVERYONE loves them!!!!

  • Anna Perran
    Anna Perran

    I make these TWICE a week now. My kiddos LOVE them!!!

Allergy Free Cereal Bars. SO yummy and so easy! I subbed uncooked oats for the oat bran at the end and added about 4x the amt of water to the 'remaining mixture'. Also used strawberry preserves instead of rasp jam

Allergen Free Cereal Bars