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Typography Wood Sign- Life is Better at the Beach Wall Decor

Common Core and So Much More: Teaching Matter with Root Beer Floats!

This is a really yummy way to teach Matter, teaching matter with root beer floats! Love it.Common Core & So Much More! Yes please, serve me up some science!

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Love this salty chocolate kiss. Sea dogs are the best beach companions!

enjoy the little things

Almost every day, someone makes fun of when I get excited over something so little. As Robert Brault once said, “Enjoy the little things, for one day you make look back and realize they were the big things.

Basic principals of healthy living.

Demeter has been the trademark for products of certified biodynamic production since 1927 - certification DEMETER (biodynamie) critères plus stricts que le bio

50 things I want to teach my son

Parenting boys isn't easy, and that's why I love this list of 50 lighthearted, yet heartfelt, things every mother should teach her son. What would you add to this list? {I agree with most of this list.

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