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Marinate asparagus in Italian dressing for 1.5 hrs then wrap them in bacon and sprinkle on sesame seeds. Bake at 400 for 35 minutes.

Baked Penne with Chicken, Broccoli, and Smoked Mozzarella

avocado & goat cheese grilled cheese with pesto and spinach - YUM!

15 Minute Creamy Avocado Pasta

Bailey's Irish Cream, White Chocolate and Pistachio Fudge: Just 4 ingredients and super easy.

Website where you click what you have in your fridge and it gives you recipes. This just blew my mind.

salad to crave: mango + arugula + avocado + macadamia

How to Recondition and Re-Season Cast Iron Cookware

Skinny Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo (uses Greek yogurt and olive oil instead of heavy cream and butter).

Revolutionary Mac & Cheese -- the pasta is cooked in the milk, which forms the base for the sauce. No water, no draining... I've been looking for this recipe for years!!! 2 cup pasta, 2 cup milk, 1 cup cheese

Garlic Sauteed Mushrooms

Shut the front door ...these are fabulous! Low carb. grilled avocado with melted parm. cheese & lime. Holy cow.

cookie dough popsicles.. made with almond milk, these are low fat and low cal!