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Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/192490226/arrow-belly-button-jewelry-ring-14-16-g

Arrow Belly Button Jewelry Ring- 14 16 G Ga Gauge Eyebrow Conch Snug Ear Eye Brow Piercing Navel Bar Barbell Stud Gold Rook Eyebrow

Essential Keyboard Shortcuts.; ***This is so old school, one day I few years back we lost our computer system. Everyone kept wondering how I continued working even though "we were down". lol, I told them I learned Basic, pre-Windows, so I was still working away.. :D They were in awe!!!

Can't remember those short cuts your children showed you on the computer? Here is a chart entitled the Essential Keyboard Shortcuts (grouped by type) that has the most commonly used computer shortcuts.

Once a Month Shopping - Tips & Tricks / good money saving blog

Once a month grocery shopping. I think I could majorly cut my grocery bill down if I shop for groceries once a month!

Tips for Resumes and Cover Letters

During the month of May, the Get Organized series is featuring special content for graduates. In this edition, learn a few tricks for organizing and mastering your resumes and cover letters.