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a picture on my wall

The wall is virtual of course, but these are images I'd like to see on a wall, not all on the same wall, a contextually relevant one :P

a picture on my wall

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"Promises" Mixed Media Lisa B. Boardwine

Passage - Charlen Williamson

Berkeley No. 22 1954 Oil on canvas 59 x 57 in. Richard Diebenkorn

"Night" by Scully

"Red & Orange Streak", by Georgia O'Keeffe (1919)

Dove/ O'Keeffe Circles of Influence - Berkshire Fine Arts

"Music Hall" by Ray Chapman (2014)

"Untitled" by Richard Diebenkorn, 1949

Untitled by Richard Diebenkorn, 1949 Red Oil on Canvas

"a portion, and a dash around the corner" - Bruce McAllister (2014)

Elsewhere 2 - Bruce McAllister | Facebook

"The Oracle and the Green Bird", by Wifredo Lam (1947)

"1948", by Clyfford Still (1948)

"Red #2", by Ivo Stoyanov

Surface Series – RED #2

"Yugi", by Kazuo Shiraga (1994)

"Asklepois", by Hans Hofmann (1947)

Asklepois - Hans Hofmann -

"L'Acrobate", by Jacques Villon (1913)

L'Acrobate - Jacques Villon -

"Spots of Sunlight on the Terrace", by Maurice Denis (1890)

Maurice Denis -

"Collage with Yellow, Blue and Orange" by Esteban Vicente (1963)

"Untitled", by Clyfford Still (1957)

clyfford still | Tumblr

"Schwarze Form (Black Form)", by Wassily Kandinsky (1923)

"Gitterbild (Lattice Picture, also known as Grid Mounted)", by Josef Albers (1921)

"Head of a Peasant Girl", by Kazimir Malevich (1913)

Head of a Peasant Girl - Kazimir Malevich -

Ad Marginen - Paul Klee (1930)

"Sublime Encounter", by Bruce McAllister (2010)

ArtSlant - Sublime Encounter

"Vivid Blue", by Ivo Stoyanov

Surface Series – VIVID BLUE #1

"Instant Ebloui", by Jean Miotte (1979)

"Inner Realm", by Jennifer Perlmutter