"They all float down here. And when you're down here with me, YOU"LL FLOAT TOO!" - Gripping, scary, just brilliant.

Rob Reiner directed this 1986 coming of age story starring young and chubby-cheeked Will, Corey, River, and Keifer who search for a body in the woods but stumble out of adolescence and into manhood along the way.

Not what you're expecting, I can guarantee it. Live on the wild side and give it a go. (No virgins or goats needed)

stephen king. The Shining this book was fantastic sooo much better then the movie..couldn't put it down so worth the read

Carrie - My first Stephen King read. Took out from the Commack Library under my boyfriend, Christian Carpenters, library card. I've been a rabid fan ever since. Maybe I was twelve.

Cujo by Stephen King...I can never read this book again or see the movie, was just too scared of that damn dog!

The Long Hard Road Out of Hell. Love him or hate him, he's an intelligent man. This is a well written, interesting book. Shocking, but then, what would you expect? I wish he'd write a more up to date one!

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