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Rabbit Barn + Meat Rabbits

Rabbit cages, hutches, runs, and barns. These are rabbits raised for show, breeding, pets, and/or meat. *Meat Rabbit Breeds featured.*

Rabbit Barn + Meat Rabbits

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I bought 3, slightly used 3 hole transport cages & 1 wire nest box today for less than $85.

5 Chinchilla/Californian bucks. They are about 8 weeks old so they'll be grown out for another 4 weeks or so. I may keep 1 buck to breed to my cali does when he's old enough.

Center view of the rabbit barn (P.S. This breeder has Netherland Dwarfs so the cages are smaller for that reason).

Backyard Meat Rabbit Setup - hanging cages with a wooden frame for stability and a tarp set up for storms.

Backyard Meat Rabbit Setup

Rabbit hutches protected from the elements

Rabbit hutch question - Survivalist Forum

Rabbit Barn open air design.

nice Meat Rabbit outdoor hutches

Cage design @Matt Valk Chuah Rabbit Mathematician

The Rabbit Mathematician

Synergies for Wise Living: DIY Rabbit Butchering Station

Synergies for Wise Living: DIY Rabbit Butchering Station

Rabbit Tractor

Why We Don’t Pasture Our Rabbits

**Warning Graphic** but informative. The Hopper Popper and Hopper Hanger demonstrated. Meat Rabbits

The Hopper Popper and Hopper Hanger demonstrated

18x36 loafing shed. three 10x10 stalls, 6x10 tack room, 8x36 overhang

I like this design and cage for a rabbit barn. The alleyway allows for airflow will protecting the animals inside from the winter wind.

Loafing Shed. I could put my Holland Lops in one side and my meat rabbits in the other while using the middle compartment as a feed and supply room.

"I think I need to inspect the quality of these oats." / My 6 month old Californian buck.

Breed: Californian

Our newest additions: a 2 year old Californian Doe, a 2 year old New Zealand White doe and 3, 6 month old purebred Californians (2 does / 1 buck)

californian rabbits

Californian Rabbits For Sale

~ Californian Rabbit ~

All About Showing Rabbits

Deboning Rabbit and prepping for roasting in the oven.

rabbit. de-boned.

Penny, my Californian x New Zealand White cross Doe. She's only about 8 weeks old and has the sweetest personality. I'm hoping she will grow out nicely and possibly become my main breeding doe for meat rabbits.

Outdoor Hutch Set-Up. *I'd make the cages bigger if they are for meat rabbits. For holland lops, the smallest I would have them in is a 30"x24" & 30"by30" for nursing does

Tortoise n Hare Rabbit Cages and Supplies. Located In Northeastern Oklahoma - Broken Arrow area.Stacker 2-hole 24"x24"x14h"

Good air circulation. Locate under shade trees. Could hang tarps on sides/ends for winter wind break.