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Rabbit Barn + Meat Rabbits

Rabbit cages, hutches, runs, and barns. These are rabbits raised for show, breeding, pets, and/or meat. *Meat Rabbit Breeds featured.*

Rabbit Barn + Meat Rabbits

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Stackable single rabbit cage made of 1" X 1" -14ga GAW wire. Size is 18" X 30" X 15"H (17" Total Height) Slide out tray for your convenience. Assembled. May not be exactly as pictured.

Cali (814C) loves exploring one of the 4 permanent play pens (the feed bag was used so they could get out of the mud, luckily much of it is already drying up). She is still skittish but we are working on that. She is also an avid digger, producing a 6" deep hole for her nest *although she will have her litter in her cage. She gets to see her mate, Cowboy & 2 younger bucks through the fences that occupy their own runs.

#814Doe was recently bred to 2 different bucks to produce her first litter. Along with another rabbit, she went to her new home this afternoon. The new owners built her a large hutch with plenty of room for her and her future litters. // Californian Rabbit - Popular breed used for meat.

Silver (currently 3.2 lbs) discovered like previous rabbits who have been in this run, that he can get inside the pallet that makes up one wall of the enclosure. We've had 7lb rabbits squeeze into this little space and chill out for a few hours.

3 -12 week old Standard Chinchilla x Californian rabbits. Since we have had a slightly break from the rain, we put out most of the rabbits in runs so they can stretch their legs & enjoy the grass.

I've decided to keep 1 of the 5 standard chinchilla x Californian bucks to have as a 'pet' rabbit & possibly as a breeder when he is older. He currently has no name.

Bred my 3 year old pet buck, Cowboy (NZxREX) with a Californian doe (ID: 814Cali).

12 week old Standard Chinchilla x Californian rabbits. They needed to be weighed and marked so that's why they are in the small wire cage - you can't catch them if they are running around their run that's attached to their hutch.

I like this design

[100_2497.jpg] nice cage design. With this design it's easy to reach in a grab rabbits rather than having leveled cages with average doors and being elbow deep, reaching in the corner to grab the animal.

100_2497.jpg (image)

5 Standard chinchilla x Californian rabbits.

I bought 3, slightly used 3 hole transport cages & 1 wire nest box today for less than $85.

5 Standard Chinchilla/Californian bucks. They are about 10 weeks old so they'll be grown out for another few weeks.

Center view of the rabbit barn (P.S. This breeder has Netherland Dwarfs so the cages are smaller for that reason).

Backyard Meat Rabbit Setup - hanging cages with a wooden frame for stability and a tarp set up for storms.

Backyard Meat Rabbit Setup

Rabbit hutches protected from the elements

Rabbit hutch question - Survivalist Forum

Rabbit Barn open air design.

nice Meat Rabbit outdoor hutches

Cage design @Matt Valk Chuah Rabbit Mathematician

The Rabbit Mathematician

Synergies for Wise Living: DIY Rabbit Butchering Station

Synergies for Wise Living: DIY Rabbit Butchering Station

Rabbit Tractor

Why We Don’t Pasture Our Rabbits

**Warning Graphic** but informative. The Hopper Popper and Hopper Hanger demonstrated. Meat Rabbits

The Hopper Popper and Hopper Hanger demonstrated

18x36 loafing shed. three 10x10 stalls, 6x10 tack room, 8x36 overhang

I like this design and cage for a rabbit barn. The alleyway allows for airflow will protecting the animals inside from the winter wind.