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Rabbit Cage & Barn Ideas :)

I have a small rabbitry (3 adults) with holland lops (mainly broken tort & black tort). I love my rabbits and hope to one day have a shed/barn to keep my rabbits in when If/when expand.

Keep rabbits cool during the summer with frozen water bottles. Fill empty water & 2 litter soda bottles (depending in the size of the rabbit & cage) with water, freeze, and place in the cages so the rabbits can lay against them. We do this several times a day, rotating them in and out of the freezer. *P.S if you rabbit chews & breaks the water bottles, try using soda or sports drink bottles since they are made with thicker plastic.

movable rabbit shed/barn

Grand Deluxe Rabbit Shed Hutch with Run - Look at all that SPACE! This would be great for the flemish giant I plan on owning on day

stacked rabbit hutches

A great looking field shelter. I like that it has gates so you can keep them in if need be. I would even like this as a small rabbit barn- cages in one side and a large run in the other for exercise & play time.

Homemade rabbit cage. The door with a hay rack attacked -I like this idea very much!

Homemade rabbit cages

  • Rayna Bryan

    If you use the right wire and face it in the correct direction they will be fine. Any rabbits we have that have wire bottom cages either have a resting pad or board to sit on. The wire bottoms help keep them clean and prevent UTI's. Plus there are some rabbit breeds who are bigger in size (6+lbs) yet are bred with thin bones which means they'll get sore hocks for wire AND solid bottom cages because of their weight vs. bone mass.

  • Rayna Bryan

    *from not for

  • Stephanie Warmoth

    Wow! How rude Anita! I actually appreciate the explanation. We have always used wire bottom cages and have not had a problem. I have heard of others having trouble so the explanation was actually very helpful. Thank you Rayna!!!

  • Stephanie Warmoth

    LOL I didn't call you names. I said that your comments were rude. And I stand by that. You wouldn't have deleted your comments otherwise.

Fabulous chick/duck house. I hope nobody plans on pooping in it! This could also be used for rabbits, just put some wire in the doors to get air flow. Good idea to have storage underneath.

Rabbit barn. I like that they have doors in each side plus the front so you could open them for cross ventilation

this one is for chickens, but it could also be used for rabbits.

The bunny barn - Flemish Giant Rabbits "The Gentle Giants"

Dicken's Walk at The Rabbit Crossing Rescue, so clean and tidy and love the roof = nice dry bunnies! You'd have to wire the bottom if you were to put this on grass though. But love the design!

rabbit cages 2x4 with built in winter box.

Turquoise country barn ♥. If I ever get a rabbit barn, I would totally paint the outside turquoise & then scrap it to make it look rustic!

The bunny barn - Flemish Giant Rabbits "The Gentle Giants"

Indoor Rabbit Housing | Bunny Approved – The Blog

Home-Made Igloo/Hidey House- step stool with hanging cloth fringe

New rabbit barn lots if room for the Flemish Giants (not my picture)

Gamma Plastics Vittles Vault - These are great for keeping rabbit (or any other type of pet) food fresh and sealed from any water or intruders. We bought a few when they were having a good sell at the pet store.

Large 2 story rabbit hutch. There is a small door in the back.