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For a Cause

For a Cause

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BEAUTIFUL || This shirt helps fund suicide prevention programs for a teen battling depression! Get it at #sevenly

Help us fight anxiety and depression by purchasing an inspirational sticker pack. Post a sticker, encourage a stranger.

Must do...Send a picture of your dog and they'll make you a stuffed one. And the money goes to help shelter animals. This is awesome! Totally doing this!

WOW! Super cute! Purchasing this tote helps build 2 classrooms in Guatemala, providing education to hundreds of children! Click here to grab one -->

Education can be a powerful tool to unlock the chains of poverty. But in Guatemala, the average child only goes to school for 3 years... leaving little hope for a brighter future. Each shirt helps build 2 classrooms, and place pencils in the hands of kids ->

Education should be a RIGHT ... not a privilege. Help unlock the dreams of children in Guatemala by helping us build 2 classrooms this week!!! READY SET GO ➤

In China, girls like her are considered a burden not a blessing, resulting in the death of millions each year. If this breaks your heart like mine... please consider grabbing a shirt that will support the fight against female genocide. Save a life HERE ➔

IMAGINE: You're born into a poor country with a major deformity. Society believes you're cursed. You can't go to school or live a normal life. This is life for 14 year-old Aregash and hundreds of other kids. This week we're funding life-changing surgeries that will allow them to walk and live a normal life! Help them here ►