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How To Build a Worm Tower. Great idea for extra scrap you can't put in your compost or stand alone worm tower. The site has other useful info too.

Strawberry tower made from fence boards. Lettuces, arugula, spinach, herbs of all kinds! And uses way less dirt than a traditional pallet garden!

Garden Tower Project » The Homestead Survival vertical planter with a worm tower in the center really works. You add kitchen scraps into the center tower which creates a compost tea that drips out the bottom which you add back into the plants. Each hole can grow a different plant. 50 plants in 4 sq. ft.- Strawberries, lettuce, herbs, flowers... endless possibilities! Look at ALL the combinations!

Garden Tower Project - Set-up & Planting Guide (Photos!)

Get the height without a huge pot - use plastic pots and large pvc pipe cut into sections

Solutions | Home Organization, Storage Problem Solving Products

not all of the color in the garden has to come from the blooms themselves

DIY vertical pallet garden garden diy gardening... — Gardening

Vertical gardens are the new trends for home decoration, it can be indoors or outdoors. If you are growing them indoors, it can have the benefit of purifying the air and creates a better working or living environment. On the other hand, if you are growing them outdoors, it can …

Vertical Vegetables – Shoe Holder... kinda genius... and they have @ the dollar store

Top 20 Stunning DIY Garden Pots and Containers

vertical tiered ladder planter for under $20 - beginner plans from

Terrarium Glass Hanging Double Hook with Succulents Vertical Gardening DIY Kit. $24.00, via Etsy. Love this

How to Save Your Own Seeds: Vegetable Garden Seed-Saving

Build A Vertical Garden Pyramid Tower

Build A Vertical Garden Pyramid Tower

Urban Planter Boxes

DIY - how to build a verticle garden for your deck...or maybe for the roof top of the building you're stuck on that is surrounded by zombies...

Here's a Secret to Producing More Food Locally

diy planters containers | Planter boxes with bench by Padheyz

Planter boxes with bench

criss cross planters DIY with measurement and angle cuts. I am thinking about a top with hinge for a side table or nightstand.

DIY Criss Cross Outdoor Planters - Centsational Girl

vertical wooden planter boxes to build for strawberries? Use sides as trellises. Easy to build.

Coppice Vertical Planter -

Hometalk :: DIY Vertical Gardens :: Ginger @'s clipboard on Hometalk

You'll Need A Sunny Window To Grow Herbs Indoors

Garlic is so easy to grow. The only difficult thing is to remember to plant the fall, that way it can winter over underground and develop a nice big bulb. You harvest it the next June. This article will help you do it right! I want to grow garlic

Ants - organic ant killer

natural pesticide

1tsp epsom salts in 4 c warm water....spray on plant and then 10 days later it produces more fruit due to boost of magnesium... especially for tomatoes, peppers and roses

Grow your own celery from your remains from the store. Just chop of the base and plant. One week of growth shown in photo.

grow onions from discarded onion bottoms!