Crochet Bracelets

Crochet Bracelets

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FREE PATTERN: Alicia Cowl by Crochet Dreamz. Great for beginners!

Crochet Dreamz: Alicia Cowl Crochet Pattern, Free Pattern

Crochet bracelet pattern

Pattern: Kaldred

Receitas de Crochet: Pulseira delicada de crochet

Receitas de Crochet: Pulseira delicada de crochet
  • Graciela Perez Lopez
    Graciela Perez Lopez

    muy bonito y fácil

  • Desiree Hesse
    Desiree Hesse

    I would Love an english translated version of this ...

Crochet cabled bracelets, free pattern in English and Dutch! A la Sascha

A la Sascha: Kabelarmbanden Haken! *met 5 Patronen

tutorial on making bracelets

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1.2.3. Stackers! (crochet)

PATTERNFISH - the online pattern store

bracelet. greatest tutorial ever

Turk's Head | How to tie a Turk's Head | Decorative Knots


Anna Savenko - all about my hobbies: Още гривни.

Crocheted bracelet

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  • Belle Lynn
    Belle Lynn

    I think this is macrame

  • Linda

    Link doesn't work

Crochet Hoop Bracelet

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  • Linda

    Ad site.

The Hobby of Lety

Gli Hobby di Lety

silk pearl and ..crochet

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Crochet Bracelet

Etsy Purple Knitted Tweed Cuff With Crochet Flowers - Stylehive

Crochet Rose Garden Necklace (or bracelet, garland, etc)

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  • Dawn Titus
    Dawn Titus

    so a garland and a bbracelet

  • Rosalee Lai
    Rosalee Lai

    not available anymore.. Awww..

  • Rosalee Lai
    Rosalee Lai

    Oh... it has become available again... weird.. I tried it couple days ago and it wasn't available.. but now it is!!! I bought it!!! Thank you so much!!!

flower bracelet

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  • Donna Snow
    Donna Snow

    I love this but where is the pattern?

crochet button bracelet

Crocheted Button Cuff Bracelet - Try Handmade

mint green crocheted rose bracelet

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Celtic knot bracelet tutorial

11098 A Braided Leather Bracelet

Free Crochet Bracelet Pattern

Crochet Flower Bracelet

Red flower crochet necklace/bracelet

ixela: luglio 2008

Free downloadable crochet & craft jewelry patterns!

Everyday Life at Leisure: Free Crochet & Craft Jewelry Patterns

crochet bracelets

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Crocheted Cables Bracelet/Cuff

CrochetDad Ramblings: Crocheted Cables Bracelet/Cuff
  • Fourie Elza
    Fourie Elza


6 Petaled flower bracelet by Lia Govers

6 Petaled flower bracelet pattern by Lia Govers