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Family Train Track Picture #SimplyYouPhotography

Photography family luggage On Railroad Tracks | You're waiting for a train, a train that will take you far away...."

Too cute for a train lover....3rd Birthday Pics by the train tracks :)

How to help people feel comfortable during a photo session | photography tip

#little girl, children's photography, runaway, train tracks, the BIG picture

toy organization

Cheap glass fillable lamps from Target – fill one of them with a bunch of tiny toys that were collected but no longer played with. The other one got filled with old cars that used to be enjoyed all the time. Such a cool way to keep something sentimental around that your child might not actively play with anymore. Imagine the possibilities: legos, polly pockets, colored pencils, rubber erasers...

Toy Car Wall Art - do it with magnets so that they are still aplay with able!!! do it!!

Memory mirror - would be a good way to use (and someday fondly remember) all the little cars in my house!

Baby girl when she was 8 days old. I used the flowers later for a center piece on my a table.

Can't wait to meet another little newborn princess tomorrow morning. Had 2 girls last week and another one tomorrow. Guess we are on a "girl" streak!?

Love this pose! Etsy listing at

newborn photography ideas- includes info on camera settings for each shot. Sweet!

Decorate for fall with Lego!