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Cataloged as Sh2-239 and LDN 1551, the region lies near the southern end of the Taurus molecular cloud complex some 450 light-years distant. Stretching for nearly 3 light-years, the canvas abounds with signs of embedded young stellar objects driving dynamic outflows into the surrounding medium. Included near the center of the frame, a compact, tell-tale red jet of shocked hydrogen gas is near the position of infrared source IRS5, known to be a system of protostars surrounded by dust disks.

Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2013 Award Winners: Winner (Deep Space): Celestial Impasto: - 239 by Adam Block (USA)

Hickson Compact Group 92, taken from Nasa's Hubble Space Telescope. Otherwise known as Stephan's Quintet, refers to a group of five galaxies.

The portrait of Stephan's Quintet, also known as Hickson Compact Group was taken by the new aboard NASA's HST as one of the first images since its May 2009 overhaul. Stephan's Quintet, as the name implies, is a group of five galaxies.

An intensely bright X-ray beacon shining in the Andromeda galaxy is actually a signpost for a hungry black hole that is gobbling up matter at a furious pace, new studies reveal. Shown here, an image of the Andromeda Galaxy, a composite of an infrared photo from ESA's Herschel space telescope and the XMM-Newton’s X-ray telescope. The infrared frame shows rings of dust that trace gaseous reservoirs where new stars are forming and the X-ray image shows stars approaching the ends of their lives.

Best Of European Space Agency Photos - Herchel's Image Of Andromeda Galaxy The European Space Agency's Herschel Space Observatory took this infrared image of the Andromeda Galaxy, showing rings of dust that trace gaseous reservoirs where new stars are


USS Ranger kicks some evil asses. Its nearly the same image i made before (One hit, one miss) but this time in vertical format for a fanfiction novel cover. Made for Rendered in Max 10 Post Wo.

Arcturus Fleet by Euderion on deviantART

The Fifth Fleet also known as the Arcturus Fleet, as it is based at Arcturus Station. Admiral Hackett is the current commanding officer.

Thunder Child by Euderion on DeviantArt

This is my Thunderchild class i build a while ago. The Thunderchild was build about 2325 and served time alongside the Ambassador class. The ship is des.