Teaching In The Fast Lane: 50 Student Rewards That Don't Cost a Thing

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This is a fun end of the year activity. Students teach a lesson about anything they choose! Great for practicing speaking and listening skills. You will be amazed at what you learn from your students! More Than a Worksheet

End of the Year: Teach the Teacher Day - More Than a Worksheet


elementary school teacher websites. check out for L.

15 Great Websites for Elementary Educators


10 Simple to Make Reading Games for Kids. These are great for learning sight words, word families and more! Love these hands on ideas for Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade kids (great with Dolche words in homeschool)

Simple-to-Make Reading Games for Kids


Ideas for greeting students to Increase Engagement and classroom community

Greeting Students


Why we have rules. Short video to intro rules lesson

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FREE DOWNLOAD How To Use: 1. As a formative assessment to see if students understood a concept. 2. As a way for students to ask questions about something they didn't understand (which I can address or "tweet back" the next day) 3. As a way for students to tell the teacher something they found interesting.

TWEETS ABOUT TODAY'S LESSON: A Fun Exit Pass To Check Student Understanding


Fun (and free!) countdown timers for the classroom! Read this blog post on Corkboard Connections to find out where to download these timers and more and some tips for using them in the classroom.

Corkboard Connections: Fun Countdown Timers for the Classroom


50 Google Docs Tips Every Teacher should Know about!

50 Google Docs Tips Every Teacher should Know about ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning


20 Great Stories and Fun Activities to go along with them

Twenty Fun Story Times


What a simple and sweet surprise for students.

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Science Ideas for Kids Age 5+ #stemactivities

Great Science Ideas for Kids Age 5+


What Makes a Parent Love a Teacher - terrific post by Jennifer of Cult of Pedagogy about the importance of getting to know your students and some tips doing that.

Corkboard Connections: What Makes a Parent Love a Teacher


How I INTRODUCE My Classroom Library [Part Four in the Classroom Library Series]

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EVERY teacher needs to watch this 3 minute video. YOU make a difference! This is how every faculty meeting should start!!!! Every teacher should listen to this!!! : )

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Clever way to make signs stand up! Use for instruction signs at library centers.

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This is THE coolest education website I have ever seen! It teaches math and science with songs and interactive activities.

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Walking on Egg Shells and 25 other cool science projects - there are some cool ones! I'm gonna need this one day...

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Make your own erupting SOUND volcano using pop rocks & other simple household ingredients! What kid wouldn't want to make a volcano with pop and fizzle sound effects as it erupts and bubbles? Way too fun!

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15 fun science experiments - crafty stuff for kids

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paper plate crowns- so easy

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23 classroom accommodation suggestions for kids with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome

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ten books every kids should own

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12 Tips on Staying Inspired

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Self-watering planter made from recycled bottles

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