Children's Bead Crafts & Jewellery Making

Ideas for children to make with beads and jewellery for children to make. Children's bead craft - great fun using pony beads, plastic beads, alphabet beads and kids charms
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Kid's Mini Novelty Beads

Mini Novelty Beads

Rainbow Creations Rosebud Beads

Rosebud Beads

madebyjoey: Bead heads

Bead heads

Wooden bead key chain

Nyckelring med träkulor Wooden bead key chain | Craft & Creativity – Pyssel & DIY

Sparkly Beads

Sparkly Beads



Easy jesus fish craft for preschoolers - ichthus (the Greek word for fish.)

Jesus Fish Craft- Bible Craft for the Letter F

Easter Story Bracelets

Easter Story Bracelet Craft for Kids!

crosses with beads

Leading Our Kids to the Cross

Rainbow Bracelets & Jewelry & Bead Projects at

DIY Rainbow Bracelets For Kids - Live.Craft.Love.

Making a pipe cleaner craft is a great way to practice hand-eye coordination with little ones, and these beaded snakes are a fun way to do just that!

Pipe Cleaner Craft: Beaded Snakes

Acrylic Crystal Beads Mobile

Multicoloured Acrylic Crystal Beads

Pattern snakes - plus 5 other simple pattern activities. So simple.

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Multicoloured Acrylic Crystal Beads

Multicoloured Acrylic Crystal Beads

pony bead bracelet

How to Make Rave Kandi Bracelets and Patterns

Rainbow Creations Flower Shaped Pony Beads for Children

Flower Shaped Pony Beads for Children

Doll face necklace5

Make a Doll Face Necklace - Pysselbolaget - Fun Easy Crafts for Kids and Parents

Pony Bead Fish from It Happens in a Blink

Pony Bead Fish

Rainbow Creations Multicoloured Small Round Wooden Beads

Multicoloured Small Round Wooden Beads

fairy wands

Make a magic wand :: waldorf steiner play - NurtureStore

This creative STEM craft is a really cool way to introduce your kids to computer coding!

STEM Fun for Kids: Code Your Name in Jewelry - Mama Smiles

Heart Shaped Pony Beads

Heart Shaped Pony Beads

Picture Tutorial on Making Rainbow Wooden Bead Bracelet with Simple Knots.

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Wooden Rabbit Beads

Wooden Rabbit Beads

A quick and easy valentine craft for kids to make! It combines literacy, math, and fine motor practice - all in one fun activity for Valentine's Day.

Fine Motor Valentine Craft - Beaded Name Hearts - Fun-A-Day!