Adriatico Trattoria Italiana

Authentic Italian cuisine prepared by Chef Marco Cudazzo, from Ortona Italy. Ortona is located on the Adriatic coast of the Abruzzo region of Italy. Chef…
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the outside of an italian restaurant with tables, chairs and planters on the sidewalk
Adriatico Trattoria Italiana: The Italian Restaurant You Need To Know About - Park Ave Magazine | Winter Park Florida
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Moms singer....
a woman is holding up a map with the names of italy and other countries on it
Italian Wine Map and Exploration Guide | Wine Folly
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tripadvisor certificatea of excellence 2016
Certificate of Excellence 2016 | Black Forest Restaurant
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Adriatico Trattoria Italiana
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La Pasta Italiana
La Pasta Italiana by capovillasjerdy, via Flickr
a sign that says, mangia it's italian and has many different languages on it
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Marchio ospitalita Italiana awarded to Adriatico May 13, 2014. Award is given to authenticate true Italian restaurants around the world. Only 15 in Florida were selected. Only one in Central a Florida - Adriatico!