wow... how fun!!

Party Lake Raft This would be awesome I'm so ready to float the river with this!

Summertime in hawaii: cut off shorts, bandeau, drapey tank top- maybe a little longer shorts I'm a bit more modist

At the beach, life is different. This is so true. Yet another reason why beaches are the best places on Earth.


Sunscreen paint that leaves a tan line at the end of the day. I hate tan lines

Sea Turtle & Me! Volunteer for Lights Out for Sea Turtles! God bless the beautiful surroundings He has given for us to adore And comfort us in times of need Heavenly gates on this Earthly floor

You know that feeling when you've spent the entire day by crashing waves and your skin feels warm from the sunshine? When your body memorizes the texture of soft sand and terry cloth and you smell like sea salt and coconut?

yes please

Ziplining into the ocean, Los Cabos, Mexico. ziplining is on my bucket list!

Girls jumping from a rock into the sea, Sa Calobra, Mallorca, Spain Sa Calobra GPS coordinates N - E

if only i could be doing this right now..

Griffin Glamour: Getting That Golden Glow Safely Without Turning Orange

Sometimes you just don’t have the time to lie out on the Sunken Garden and soak up some rays, but the thought of getting a quick spray ta


First surf in 2 years.after a pretty stressful year - This ariel view of wave reminds how relaxing the ocean is to the soul!