Rebecca McClain
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Antique doors would be nice too but nevertheless...the flowers would be gorg.

this wood be a pretty inspiration. get some doors and paint them a turquois and surround them with deep pink or red flowers as a wedding backdrop. the flowers would cost alot

Genetically modified flowers glow in the dark. Adelaide-based Bioconst has begun developing a line of genetically modified fluorescent flowers that produce a protein that glow when exposed to a proprietary UV LED.

Scientists create secret formula to make plants fluorescent. The formula is sprayed onto flowers and plants which are then placed next a special light to make them glow (blah blah sciencey stuff. ALL I CARE ABOUT IS SPARKLING GLOWING FLOWERS!

Santa- this would be great framed. for me. i will let my family look. but not touch. hehe.  #lulusholiday

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