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an open book with christmas photos on the front and back cover is shown in this instagram post
I LOVE this idea...Use old book cover. Collect Christmas cards or fill it with Christmas photos of family!
a chess board sitting on top of a wooden chair
a SCRABBLE example for a Chair-ity Auction
two boxes with notes attached to them are being held by someone
Book Blind Date.
a person sitting at a desk with a book in front of them and the caption reads, i was the kid that was actually excited when the teacher told us to read silently
I was the kid that was actually excited when the teacher told us to read silently.
reading is magical.
imgfave - Amazing and inspiring images
reading is magical.
popcorn falling into a bowl on top of a table
Fun Poetry Prompt: Onomatopoeia
Fun Poetry with Kids – Repetition and Onomatopoeia
a white bag with the words make art on it's front and side pockets
I Like Big Books : Label Makers
i like big books and i cannot lie bag.
a blue poster with white text that says marry the beast and get that library on it
whatever it takes
a bulletin board with pictures and plants on it that says guess the reader above them
Library Displays
Display pictures of staff members holding a favorite book in front of their faces.
a stack of books sitting on top of each other
10 favorite novels by Alabama authors set in Alabama
Alabama Books
a woman is reading a book with the caption i'm just going to read a few pages of my book
The Conversations in my Head
Why don't people (husbands...) get this?
i love books written in black on a white background with a bookcase behind it
10 Books You Should Read
I love books