Just beautiful.

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Little fox

OH MY GOSH! Today me and ѧṅṭȏṅєʟʟѧ saw two baby foxes playing and their Mom was watching them! It was SUPER DUPER cute like oh my gosh!

A Bat-eared fox

The Bat-eared fox baby (Otocyon megalotis, Pes ušatý, Status: Least Concern) from ZOO Prague, the Czech Republic For *woxys DID YOU KNOW THAT. Child of the bat and fox

hunting fox

The only reason fox hunting "sport" exists MONEY. There is no need to dress up like a twat and ride horses to rip an intelligent wild animal apart.


The breeze of heaven, Flows through his mane, He gallops through my heart, And back again. -by Jessica Fankhauser.