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    Wedding nails instead of white flower I would trade in for teal orange ♥ only in here designingweddings...

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    11 Incredible Nail Design And Art

    LoLus Fashion: 11 Incredible Nail Design And Art


    The ‘Land of Giants’ – Electric Poles, Iceland ~ creative engineers there

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    Myths and Legends – From www.scotland.org, the official gateway site to Scotland

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    Baby Tears, or Fairy Tears - for indoor or outdoor Miniature Gardens #miniaturegarden

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    Garden tunnel, Alnwick Castle, Northumberland, England - A tunnel in the back yard! This would be fun!!!

    Garden tunnel @ Alnwick Castle


    Wearable Potted Plants what scares me is what kind of plants people would wear!!! I think I have seen it all now... my plant would die!!!

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    These 20 Plants Will Scare The Heck Out Of You. #13 Nope Nope Nope.and I think they are so unique and beautiful. What do you think?

    These 20 Plants Will Scare The Heck Out Of You. #13? NOPE.


    Wine Cork Pot for the leaf of your succulent that fell off original plant.

    101 Ideas to Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose Household Goods


    generalvalentine.... Exquisite design of these jewelry pieces will not leave indifferent anybody. Unusual shapes can complement your appearance and add a drop of romance to your mood. Such as delightful combination of Hermit Crab shell and plant. Or toffee ammonite necklace made of sterling silver. The beauty and lightness fill wish necklace. Tiny Succulent Garden Ring is another proof that plant jewelry is becoming popular. It’s not all…

    Jewelry that are Beautiful by Nature | General Valentine


    unusual leaves

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    These are the tuber roots of Fleeceflower. And this isn't an anomaly - most of their roots look like this. Look it up. WEIRD!

    Shall we just veg out for a while, darling?



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    Brobot (Homestuck) at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2013 - Photography: San Diego Shooter

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    "Homestuck"sorry about the othere coment someone eles said that and i forgot to change it

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    Mikasa - Attack on Titan by reau on deviantART

    Shingeki No Kyojin!!! by reau on deviantART


    Nepeta Hat Sewing Tutorial by *PrinceOfRage on deviantART I will be doing this someday.

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    The Mage of Heart by Kamik91.deviantar... on @deviantART

    The Mage of Heart by Kamik91 on deviantART


    The Seer of blood by Kamik91.deviantar... on @deviantART

    The Seer of blood by Kamik91 on deviantART


    Sorry not sorry GUYS ITS ON A TSHIRT. I NEED IT. <===NOT OK!!!

    Homestuck: T-Shirts & Hoodies


    Usually I don't repin cosplay instructions but I actually do need this >.< by Anniina85.deviant... on @deviantART

    Vriska robot arm TUTORIAL 2of2 by Anniina85 on deviantART


    Homestuck - Eridan more funny pics on facebook: www.facebook.com/...

    Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More


    Omg I accidentally read the L as an R and thought it said "breed" at first! Ahhahaha my alternian is getting rusty

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    Tavros Nitram(Homestuck) | El Riddle - WorldCosplay

    Tavros Nitram(Homestuck) | El Riddle


    Porrim Maryam (Homestuck) cosplay, featured on Best Cosplay Ever (This Week) - 02.04.13 (wow, this porrim is beautiful.)

    Best Cosplay Ever (This Week) – 02.04.13