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Rosalyn Doebereiner

Rosalyn Doebereiner
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"I'm go skin me a crocodile" captian hook (killian jones) "Rumplestilskin is behind this" Reign (and mostly everyone) "You're a beast" Bell

I love how they did this.actually my favorite thing about once upon a time <---- so weird and funny. I'm not even in the OUaT fandom but you know.

Artist Turned Disney Princesses Into Adorable Anime Style Characters

Minor note: The quote from The Princess and the Frog was said by Tiana, not Naveen.

Cherry & Chocolate Fudge Recipe | This rich and colorful fudge tastes absolutely out of this world! And all you need to make it is white chocolate chips, marshmallow creme, butter, sugar, heavy cream, salt, cheery flavored gelatin, dried or fresh cherries, and dark chocolate. Yum! Click for the recipe and short how-to.

This cherry and chocolate two tone fudge tastes absolutely out of this world. We used dried cherries but you can also cut up fresh or frozen cherries and mix.