Woodblock Letter Table.

Woodblock Letter Table - wow, love this idea to use my letterpress letters. Need to collect more to make a table.

vespa rocking horse

How cool of a gift is this for your kid, an italian scooter rocking chair! This rocking-vespa is made of fiberglass with aluminum and steel details, it also has working lights and clacson. The rocking chair is completely handmade and you will have

information desk made of books (pun intended)

Functional Informational Library Desk created with books. I can't imagine there isn't a book in that desk I want to read. I can see uses for a few old or damaged books but these look like they're in pretty good shape.

Picker Sisters

Picker Sisters Premiere Promises Treasures From Trash

Picker Sisters

picker sisters upcycled furniture - not sure about the buffalo arrow thing but the industrial chain coffee table is fabulous

Conform Chair

New York-based industrial designer William Lee has created the Conform Chair. The simple and minimalist chair is composed of a distorted cube-like frame an

beautiful and functional

Chadhaus' Beautiful Hand-built Sustainable Furniture Lasts for Generations