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    can we get this in reverse? just wondering....

    oh, to be on the other end of that line....

    [Gasp] there's two of 'em! Shit, that's a mirror....

    Chase Utley: I mean, hey, I wouldn't mind getting a little dirty...


    David Wright: *forgets how to speak*

    Cole Hamels: What a charmer!

    Buster Posey: Sigh....

    Victor Faust (In The Company of Killers series by J.A. Redmerski)

    enough to make a city girl question the need for cellular service. I mean, really......

    oh - why, yes, I do happen to be a yankee fan

    Yes sir, we too are appreciating the natural beauty

    Haalllooooo there

    For those hot summer days

    I hear there's a drought somewhere in the world - we should, for the good of humanity and the world, shower's the right thing to do.

    you have rendered me speechless dear sir, speechless...

    Paul Newman. A timeless face.

    does this need a description?

    aaannnd to the hunk board you go :-)

    Such deep, deep, thoughts

    Ok. I may have already pinned this, not like it's gonna stop me.


    Just a little pick-me-up is all

    I'll take both. Please and thank you.