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Life is but a dream....

fox alert. I repeat, fox alert.

It's fleet week in the city, yo!

Hunks, hunks, nothing but hunks!

Ho-ho-ho-holy shit, this guy is hot!

annnnd there goes my imagination..... :-)

A little bit'o this in your Monday and it ain't so bad.....!

Well hello, there, hotness.

....I can taste the next sixty years of my life. ~Love Quote

"Books are like mirrors..." - J.K. Rowling #quotes #writing *

...cuddle club. ~Saucy Quote

I'll be your bonnie, if you promise to always be my clyde. ~Love Quote

it's pretty simple really of its most beautiful chapters. ~Love Quote

it's the Peaky Blinder hair cut!!!.

rub a dub, hunk in a tub.

I wanna be your fairytale ~Love Quote

hey there - need help with your shoe?

just here, chillin' on my ladder. In a prison, maybe.....?

wherever this Aurora place is, I want to move there, stat!

Playa de las Catedrales, Galicia, Spain

Ruins of Doria Castle in Portovenere, Italy