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A delicious photo step by step recipe blog of Fresh "Real" Food. Nothing Processed from a box, all that nature gives us. Raw, Paleo, and Macro friendly.
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a close up of a plate of food on a table with the words buche noel vude log
Yule log, buche de noel
​This one is grain and dairy free! Buche de Noel is basically a Roulade that you make to look like a log in the forest at Christmas time. It consists of a light egg sponge and filled with the mouse or pudding flavor of choice. It's then rolled up with a spiral of goodness inside. You top it with frosting or chocolate and decorate it like a fallen log on a winter journey to a friend's house. The following is my simplified version.
a spoon full of food with the words mousska no onions or peppers on it
Beef Moussaka
Mmmmmm... Moussaka! ​I just love the small of those middle eastern spices that fill my home when its baking in the oven. I make this quite a bit for a few of my clients. Sometimes, dairy free, sometimes onion/garlic free, or sometimes egg free... depending on the needs of the person I'm cooking for that day. Me, I like it with beef not lamb, goat dairy not cow, and without peppers. The version here is no peppers or onions, but it still tastes great if you take any one of these mentioned ingred
a spoon full of strawberries and ice cream with the words marinated strawberries on it
Marinated Strawberries
It's Strawberry Season!!!! Oh I just love fresh, sweet strawberries, don't you!? My mom used to marinate them in sugar and put them over sponge cake with fresh whipped cream. I think they are good all by themselves! But feel free to put them on pancakes, ice cream, cake, etc...
a close up of a salad on a plate with the words japanese singer dressing above it
Japanese Ginger Dressing
One of things I loved when I used to eat out was the ginger dressing you would get on your salad when you ordered at a Japanese restaurant. Pungent and a little sweet. I found the right combinations with wholesome ingredients to make it just like the real thing. ​This dressing is on the sweet side, so adjust to your taste.
carrot cake truffles with raw and vegan toppings
Carrot Cake Truffles
My Birthday often fell at Easter growing up and my mom loved to make me a carrot cake shaped like a lamb. So since this year my birthday was a few days before Easter, again, I thought I'd come up with something different that mimicked my mom's idea. The dessert name "truffle" derives from their traditional shape, which resembles the truffle mushroom. You can roll them in cocoa powder or nuts of choice. Theses carrot ones are mildly sweet with a hint of warm spices. Raw and Vegan. I keep them i
three chocolate truffles on a plate with mint leaves
Raw Mint Macaroons
Spring is here, and the mint in my garden is happy and abundant! It inspired me to make mint macaroons. You can make these with or without chocolate. Two recipes with the same procedures to follow. Light and not too sweet. Just right.
a white bowl filled with soup next to a spoon on top of a tablecloth
Ginger Butternut Soup
If you like the creamy, sweet taste of butternut squash, you will love this soup! A light hint of fresh pungent ginger and creamy coconut cream make this soup a hit with all my clients. Super easy to make and very hearty. Time to share the goodness... Wholesome Goodness!
blueberry oatmeal muffins on a plate with the words oat bb muffins above it
Oats and Blue Berry Muffins
...Hence, this lovely oat flour muffin! It's mildly sweet as a muffin should be and very satisfying. Use other fruits for fun, if you have them in season.
a close up of food on a table with the words raw nut bars
Raw Nut Bars
This is a great way to use up any extra raw crust when making tarts. They are a fun snack that you can make in a rainbow of flavors using dried fruit mixed with your choice of nuts and seeds. Adding things like cocoa powder or other nutritious powders to change the outcome. Have fun and make it just right for you!
lemon berry tart on a fork with the words lemon berry tart above it
Lemon Berry Tart
This is such a refreshing spring or summer tart! Full of flavor with a zing of lemon and added locally grown fresh berries... When I was a little girl, for my birthday, I would usually be asked what kind of cake I wanted. Chocolate? or Vanilla? Strawberry or lemon was my choice! This tart brings both together magnificently. MMMMMMmmmmmmm! My clients like it so much, that I figured I better share so everyone can benefit. Happy Spring!
a hand holding a piece of bread in it's palm with the words monkey bread on it
Monkey Bread
Monkey Bread? Oh yeah.... MONKEY bread! I don't know if it's a real thing or if my mom just called it that for us as kids cuz it was fun, but monkey bread is a great name for it! It falls apart after baking into balls. No throwing, now! You can make it plain, cinnamon, herb... whatever you like. I show both applications here for plain and cinnamon. This recipe is for after you have a ready-dough.
the cover of grain - free frittes, with orange slices stacked on top
Grain Free Pizzelles
If you have a pizzelle maker, you're my hero! Let's be friends! These cookies are so fun and very traditional at the holidays. The smell of anise and sugar is one from my childhood that makes me smile. It's a very particular association that most Italians have. If you haven't tried them before, call an Italian friend and ask if you can borrow their pizzelle maker to try them out. If you have an ice cream cone maker, you can also use that. (A waffle iron is too deep.) These irons are around $39
a piece of cake sitting on top of a metal plate with a fork in it
Persimmon Crumble Pie
I wait all year for Persimmons to be in season. It's a short one! They are perfect for Thanksgiving as they look like little pumpkins! I love pie, but it's often way too sweet for me. I've included a nice mildly sweet version that you can adjust to your sweetness level. This pie is also super made with Granny Smith APPLES! I had two pie crusts, so one of each it is!
a hand holding a piece of food with chocolate and mint leaves on the plate in front of it
Paleo Peppermint Patties
This is great for the holidays or just anytime. I keep it ready for action for company or after-dinner mint. This recipe is for my friend Tony. He is a Standard American Eater who just recently found out about the benefits of coconut oil. He was a coconut hater previously. This is a good reminder that the quality of the food makes a difference. He's noticed his skin is softer after months of taking 2 tbs/day.I was inspired by the peppermint in the garden to make a much more fun version.
a close up of food on a plate with the words bricole in it
Briciole is that dish that Marie makes Frank in "Everybody Loves Raymond." No wonder he falls in love with her and she gets jealous when Raymond's wife learns to cook it! If you don't know the episode I'm referring to, its worth a watch for the fun factor. This is my simplified version. Use real cow dairy or dairy alternative. Either way its sure to please...