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the ultimate c - section recovery kit from a mom who did it twice for her baby
C-section Recovery Kit — PCOS Living
This is your ultimate list of C-Section recovery essentials. I had both my babies by C-section and I've tried it all. This is the list of what actually worked to help me heal postpartum. See my top recommendations in this post.
cookies on a plate with the words how to make easy shortbread cookies that will help you heal after birth
Easy Shortbread Recipe for your Postpartum Diet - ShaktiCare
postpartum Shortbread recipe
a collage of photos with the words how i had a natural birth after 5 - sections
How I had a Natural Birth After 5 C-Sections - The Upcycled Family
A natural birth after 5 c-sections story. A natural or home birth might not be for everyone, but for others looking for encouraging vac success stories, here is my story of an all natural home birth after 5 c-sections. #naturalbirth #stories #howtohavea #vbac #vbacafter5csections #homebirth #successfulvbac #vbacstories #naturalvbac #vbacsuccessstories #vbachomebirth #vbacbirthstories
a pink and white sign with the words 10 qunities of healthy breast milk
Breastfeeding Guide to a Blissful Baby - ShaktiCare
All breast milk is not created equal. Want to know if you have healthy, digestible breast milk? How to ensure that you are breastfeeding your baby the most nourishing milk possible? Proper postpartum diet is very important for happy baby bellies. Click through to learn about breastfeeding the Ayurvedic way. #breastfeeding #breastmilk #newmom
a pregnant woman holding a piggy bank with the words save money when you're pregnant
16 Easy Ways to Save Money When You’re Pregnant
With a little creativity and taking the time to research what you really need, all those ways to save money become clearer, and the stress of adjusting financially feels like less of a burden. You can do this one step at a time. *** saving money | being pregnant on a budget | save money while being pregnant | how to save money when pregnant | pregnancy
three women and one man are laying in bed with the caption our supernatural home birth
Our Supernatural Homebirth
If you are considering a homebirth, and you are low-risk, I highly recommend it! Of my five births, this one was the longest, most intense, and hardest -- but it was by FAR my best. It was truly supernatural. **** homebirth | at-home birth | natural birth | natural home birth | natural childbirth
Pregnancy is challenging yet so beautiful. Take this as an opportunity to nurture your body to avoid stretch marks, dry flaky skin and hair loss. Breastfeeding, Hair Loss, Stretch Marks During Pregnancy, Dry Skin, Avoid Pregnancy, Natural Pregnancy, Healthy Pregnancy Tips, Healthy Pregnancy
Avoiding Pregnancy Stretch Marks, Dry Skin and Hair Loss
Pregnancy is challenging yet so beautiful. Take this as an opportunity to nurture your body to avoid stretch marks, dry flaky skin and hair loss.
homemade baby food in a mason jar on a cutting board with the words how to easily make homemade healthy baby food
How to Easily Make Homemade Healthy Baby Food
Help prevent allergens early by introducing vitamin-rich foods to your child’s system mindfully. Getting your child to try a variety of purees can be a total game changer. So, here’s the crunchy mama’s guide to baby food. #babyfood #healthybabyfood #homemadebabyfood
two women embracing each other with the caption what is natural birth?
What is Natural Birth & What Are the Benefits?
When it comes to choosing a natural birth, you have choices & control over your fate to bring your healthy, happy baby into your family. The pain of birth does not have to be numbed with narcotics or an epidural. Paying attention to your body’s needs and being aware of the benefits of being clear during labor speak volumes. #naturalbirth #benefitsofnaturalbirth #childbirth #athomebirth #motherhood #pregnancy #laboranddelivery
a collage of photos with the words smart tips for a faster caesarn recovery from a mom who has had 5
Tips for a quicker c-section recovery | Easy natural ways to heal faster
C-section recovery is a big thing, and after a c-section there are a few things you can know and do to recovery 10x faster in a natural & healthy way. #c-section #revovery #hospitalbag #healing #delivery #tips #scar #facts #repeat
a pineapple drink is garnished with a green and yellow striped straw
Labor-Inducing Virgin Pina Colada
Did you know that pineapple and dates can help induce labor when you're pregnant? If you're ready to meet your little one and help start the labor process, whip up one of these tasty, dairy-free treats! #virginpinacolada #laborinducingvirginpinacolada #glutenfreevirginpinacolada #virginpinacoladarecipe #dairyfreevirginpinacolada
raisin bars stacked on top of each other with text overlay reading sour cream raisin bars
Lactogenic Grain-Free Sour Cream Raisin Bars
These little bars are so sweet, creamy, and have little pops of warm raisins in each bite. So so good! They are also good for breastfeeding mamas to help with lactation. #sourcreamraisinbars #grainfreeraisinbars #lactogenicfoods #lactogenicrecipes
the cover of easy and nourishing make ahead and freeze recipes for the postpartum mother
Easy & Nourishing Make-Ahead (and Freeze) Recipes for the Postpartum Mother
This recipe compilation is loaded with healthy recipes that nourish the new mother so she can heal and properly care for and bond with her new baby. #makeaheadmeals #makeaheadrecipes #freezermeals #freezermealrecipes #postpartum #motherhood
a bowl filled with green smoothie and topped with granola
Superfood Smoothie for Pregnancy
This superfood smoothie is dairy free and absolutely perfect for pregnancy. It's loaded up with @megafood Relax + Calm* Magnesium Powder that may help ease muscle tension and promote a sense of calm and relaxation.* It also has fiber, healthy fats, and protein. Have it for breakfast or as a snack! #smoothie #dairyfree #movementmenu #healthyrecipes #breakfast
a woman holding a white ball in her hands with the words, my third timer update how i'm feeling hom preparing birth and more
Third Trimester Recap: How I'm Feeling, How I'm Preparing, Birthing in a Pandemic, and More - Delici
Third Trimester Recap: How I'm Feeling, How I'm Preparing, Birthing in a Pandemic, and More // #pregnancy #motherhood #parenthood