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Inference with Pictures

Inference with Pictures

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Make an inference (image only)-writing prompt, label with detailed description words, so many uses for this photo

Great mentor texts for teaching inference.

Writing Prompt: The boy peered through the forest, barely making out a shape ahead. It looked like an old, abandoned house of some kind. But what lay inside became the subject of the most amazing adventure ever...

Ideas for grades 1-6.

Tips for Teaching Inference | Minds in Bloom
  • Charlene Arthur
    Charlene Arthur

    My students love to create stories after their initial statement.

  • Susan Henderson
    Susan Henderson

    These are fantastic pictures! Thank you.

  • Barbara Peek
    Barbara Peek

    I can't wait to use this idea in my classroom.

  • Nancy Garcia
    Nancy Garcia

    Thanks for the ideas!

  • Katherine Brown
    Katherine Brown

    Thank you so much for these pins! I've collected lots of pictures from magazines to inspire students' descriptive writing. Now some of them will have two purposes!

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Inference: Why is this man on the floor? What makes you think so?

Inference with Pictures
  • Max Rybarczyk
    Max Rybarczyk


Inference: Why isn't this woman using a fork to eat her pie? Why do you think so?

Recent sightings: Let 'em eat pie!
  • Sara Brisby
    Sara Brisby

    Haha, Edwin,I love it. The question Rachel asked is what you would ask your students to get them to make inferences. She already knows the answer.

  • Edwin Torres
    Edwin Torres

    it's a pie eating contest it's when you stuff your face in pie and eat it as fast as you can

Inference: How do you think this boy feels about his dinner? What makes you think so?

resistant eater | Easy To Love But Hard to Raise
  • Julia Snider
    Julia Snider

    I think this boy is sad because he doesn't like the vegetables.

  • Julia Snider
    Julia Snider

    I think the boy feels sad.

  • Jess Blatz
    Jess Blatz

    I dont think that this boy likes what is being served in front of him. He is dreading dinner. What makes me think so, is that way he is looking at the veggies in that resentful manner. He has a pissed off look on his face.

Inference: What time of year was this picture taken? How do you know?

What is an STD?
  • Jess Blatz
    Jess Blatz

    This picture was taken in the fall. I know this because the leaves are all different colors and they are on the ground.

Inference: How do you think this little boy is feeling? What makes you think so?

Inference: What are two things you can say about the the people who cast these shadows? What makes you think so?

  • Alicia Williams
    Alicia Williams


  • אסתי פלדמן
    אסתי פלדמן

    Great idea.

Inference: What do you think is in this person's backpack? Why do you think so?

  • Julia Snider
    Julia Snider

    I think he is going sky diving.

  • Julia Snider
    Julia Snider

    I think this guy has a parachute in his backpack.

  • Jess Blatz
    Jess Blatz

    A parachute is in this person's backpack. I think so, because the picture shows that the boy is skydiving and he is flying in the air so obviously he is going to need a parachute to safely reach the bottom.

  • Chris Kelly
    Chris Kelly

    Rachel, I pinned this a few weeks ago and now I cannot get to this site. Do you have the one link? Otherwise, I see it is all on this board. Thanks for your hard work, i appreciate it.

  • CraftyMama

    I think I love this picture the most to get students to infer, because he is doing something that has a definite and (perhaps) final consequence - so the students are hopefully going to come up with an answer that would help this guy! :)

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Inference: What are three things you can tell about the person who these feet belong to?

Treating Itching: Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Sunburn, and Bug Bites
  • fancy katy
    fancy katy

    My kids noticed the sand in the wood (even in their low quality black and white version) and inferred that there is probably a beach nearby.

  • Max Rybarczyk
    Max Rybarczyk


  • Sara Brisby
    Sara Brisby

    Holy cow, Diana Avery dooms. I want to send you a picture of my feet and have you evaluate them! That was awesome.

  • Julie Cowe
    Julie Cowe

    They were wearing flip-flops because they suffer from ingrown toenails but then forgot sunscreen on their feet and aren't used to wearing flip-flops and got a friction blister. Probably a pretty miserable guy now with all the sore foot problems.

  • Jessica Yetter
    Jessica Yetter

    My third grade class loves this one!

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Inference: Where are these girls? What makes you think so?

Best Friends at the Beach

Inference: Where is this girl? How do you know?

  • Jess Blatz
    Jess Blatz

    This girl is underwater in a pool. I know this because she is wearing goggles, and a bathing suit, and the water is light blue and usually beach water is darker so thats how I know she is in a pool. I can also see the ladder to the right of the photo.

Inference: What just happened? What makes you think so?

  • Edwin Torres
    Edwin Torres

    she fell and maybe is just getting back up

Inference: How is this man feeling? How do you know?

Controlling Anger: An Islamic Approach
  • Bayleigh Blythe
    Bayleigh Blythe

    Duh hes really mad at some1 on the phone and judging by the time (after one) he is either frustrated that its only half way thru the day or frustrated that he had to stay at work so late

  • Melissa Kay
    Melissa Kay

    The picture clues tell us... (1) this guy is mad, (2) he is yelling into the phone, (3) he is wearing a dress shirt and tie, (4) it looks like he is in an office. Our background knowledge tells us... (1) somebody or something has made this guy mad. I can infer that this man is yelling at someone who did something wrong which compromised his job.

  • Brandi Thornton
    Brandi Thornton

    I used this with my class today. Thanks a bunch!

Inference: What happened? What makes you think so?

Ice Cream Melting Causes Hot Days | The Real Revo

Inference: How do you think these two people know each other? What makes you think so?

Inference: What are two things you can say about this little boy?

Inference: How is this girl feeling? What makes you think so?

Como limpar o liquidificador? - - Blog Estrela10

Inference: What do you think happened here? What makes you think so?

Incredible Photos of Natural Disasters

    Great board!

  • Yudha Sancaka
    Yudha Sancaka

    this is from Indonesia isn't ?

  • Lindi DeLorio
    Lindi DeLorio

    This picture provided my students with so much to talk about! We discussed things in the positive ("Things are broken") and things in the negative (It doesn't smell good.) Thanks for your board posts!

Inference: How is this girl feeling? What makes you think so?

When Your Child Says “I’m Bored” | Mom 2 BB Reviews

Inference: What is this man going to say to this girl? Why do you think so?

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  • Catherine Hgcs
    Catherine Hgcs

    I love how you related that to background knowledge, Melissa. Thanks, that was great role-modeling! :)

  • Melissa Kay
    Melissa Kay

    I see that the girl is in the theater. She is on her phone. Everyone else seems angry or annoyed. (TC). My background knowledge tells me that you can't use cell phones in theaters. It should be quiet. I infer that the manager is asking her to get off her phone.


    Right on, Olivia G!

  • Sowellread

    Olivia G, you made my day. :-)

  • Olivia G.
    Olivia G.

    Like it, though that sure looks more like a man and woman than man and "girl."

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Inference: What will this man have for breakfast tomorrow morning? What makes you think so?

Inference: What do you think caused this injury? What makes you think so?

  • Rebecca Kenyon
    Rebecca Kenyon

    I know b/c I bike to/from work almost every day

  • Rebecca Kenyon
    Rebecca Kenyon

    Bike injury