Prefixes, Suffixes, Word Roots

Prefixes, Suffixes, Word Roots. Resources, freebies, and blog posts to help you teach those tricky prefixes, suffixes and roots and to meet those Common Core standards.

Prefixes, Suffixes, Word Roots

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prefix, suffix, base/root word

Inferences, Prefixes and Suffixes, and a Dollar Store Find {Five for Friday}

This is a short video with several different clips form movies that give examples of similes. This is very effective because the movies used are popular in our age group therefore making students have more interest in watching it.

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multisyllabic word decoding strategy

The Classroom Key

Mrs. Braun's 2nd Grade Class

Mrs. Braun's 2nd Grade Class: March 2
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Paint Chip Synonyms... I know its a teaching trick for elementary school teachers but I might actually use this

Sunday Pinterest Fun!

Language Arts Anchor Charts - or in reading journals

Language Arts Anchor Charts

Greek and Latin Roots Anchor Chart Anchors Away Monday {07.07.14} and Monday Meet Up

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Use Word Spokes within Word Study & Vocab Development

Use Word Spokes within Word Study & Vocab Development

Teaching in Room 6: Root Word I have organized this Common Core standards to really implement it in my room. Kids got quite a bit out of it, and their vocabulary really soared!

Teaching in Room 6: Root Word Study

what a great idea for prefixes

Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits

Prefixes, Suffixes, Roots Rap

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dandelions and dragonflies: The Root Of It All


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A Love for Teaching: Prefixes and more
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Foldable idea for root words

dandelions and dragonflies: March 2012
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Prefix trees freebie

Mrs. Rhodes' Scholars: Prefix and Suffix Leaves

Purchase a checkers board (Wal-Mart) and place velcro on the black squares on the game board. Print, laminate, and cut on the following squares on the above template and place corresponding velcro pieces on the back. Place the words with prefixes and suffixes in random order on the game board. Each time a player moves a checker they must say the prefix or suffix, read the word, and explain what it means. (The template "Common Prefixes/Suffixes" from above can help children as they are playing this game).

Free Printable Vocabulary Activities
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Irregular Verbs

Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher: Grammar With Attitude!! :\

Prefixes and Suffixes

Swimming Into Second: Prefix and Suffix Freebies

FREE Prefix/ Suffix posters. $0.00

Prefix and Suffix Posters

40 printable pages plus answer keys. $6.50

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"Frog Affix" Very cute differentiation/center activity for teaching about prefixes and suffixes.

Differentiation Station: The Early Bird Posts the Printable

FREE: five worksheets for prefixes, suffixes, and word roots

Classroom Freebies: Prefix, Suffix, and Roots Printables

we could use this for prefixes and suffixes

The First Grade Sweet Life: Reading Centers